Nvidia Drivers For Evolve: When?


Hi there guys! I was wondering when are we going to recieve the nVidia drivers for Evolve game?. Because I recieved the Dying light ones a week before the game release. But with Evolve we are at only 5 remaining days. So I am worried because I had problems with fps on my Super OC GTX680, you know… like having the same fps at max settings and low ones.

Are we going to recieve them? thanks


I think that’s not a question anyone frrom around here can really answer. But I’m gonna assume they’re gonna come out before release, if not at the same time as it. Nvidia tends to not miss big releases.


February 10th (the forum search is your friend):


Good because I can run at max BF4 without problems, and I would feel really bad and sad If only nVidia cards are harmed.