Nvidia drivers crash


I’ve seen on a few sites and happening to myself that Nvidia specifically (even with the latest “Evolve” drivers) crashes. Mine is crashing 100% of the time in the second game I enter and I NEVER had a problem with hours and hours in a row in both Alpha and Beta, never ever crashed before release.

Card: GTX580

I tried 4 different drivers and all the same result. Tried both campaign and multiplayer and it’s all the same. :frowning:
Just odd that I never had a single crash in the testing phases but now I can’t even play the game… :confused:


same here man!!! i have a gtx 980, and every other person with this problem seems to have nvidia cards, ive tried every “fix” i could find and none worked. tried multiple drivers too. i thought i fixed it and played a round where i was the monster, it didnt crash and i thought i was actually going to finish a match, was JUST about to win (against actual ppl, i was so friggen exited) and BOOM, crash.


bump… happening to me every hour or so, not TOO bad but still super annoying,

Also my game was crashing before I updated my EVGA 980 GTX drivers… the same drivers I was using for Big Alpha, Beta, and Press release



I have been having the same problem but my one is acting differently. I was able to play the game when i downloaded it for exactly once. When i closed the game and opened it again if would not start whatever i try. I have tried all the possible fixes. All it does is try to start then windows notification noise and it says DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. This error literally came up when i tried launching the game a second time. I tried re installing but exactly the same thing happend.
This bug is really annoying me because i have been soo excited for this game for soo long and was hoping to spend this whole week on it but was unable to do so. Did not have ANY bugs in Alpha or Beta.


Have TRS said anything about this?


I dont think so, i looked in the bugs section and there was no mention of it.


Also crashes from time to time for me :\


Ok I think I’ve managed to fix my problem by using the Afterburner core clock trick. (hasn’t crashed in quite a few games)
If you download Afterburner from msi, you can reduce the maximum core clock of your graphics card just a bit below max and that seems to fix it for me. Had similar crashes on another game (warframe) and that’s how I knew about this trick