Number One here I come!


…In uh… Europe that is.
I mean I know it says I’m at no.3, but I disregard the leaderboard’s “hacker” and I’m technically no.2, right?
I’m also no.8 world!
I’m sorry… I just… I needed to get this outta my system. ;W;


I don’t know why hack if its obvious that you didn’t worked for it. You got this though!


You can do it, only a few more wins to go. :smile:
Don’t give up.


Toke you this long?

Respond “terrible teammates” and…


Yeah it’s a bummer that they couldn’t scrub this guy off the board, but still, yay ;_;


Technically you’re the 2nd ranked hyde in your region. Everyone who sees the leaderboards will still give you props for you’re 2nd rank and soon to be 1st.


Only 1000000000000000 more wins to go!