Number 1 pick lost to no preference player

This is wrong on so many levels! Why should I lose my top pick to someone who doesn’t care what role they play? At first I thought it was just a bug or something and then it kept happening and totally has turned me off from this game and I’ve been here since day one of release!


Ya, I have been debating that myself. Because, if you have no preference, should you just get random or the spots nobody else wants.

These questions keep me up at night.

But when I roll as No Pref, I do not care what I get, so yes, I would take the spot nobody else wanted. But its also nice to be other roles especially if I was in a game with the same people for multiple rounds, it is nice to change it up too.

They were probably in a party. We have a guy that runs no preference and we always feel a little bad for somebody with a hunter preference who pops in, especially if it’s the one nobody has selected.

I’m a monster player though…

No preference is definitely broken. Does not work as it should.

It works as “random” most of the time, and picks before the other people. Example: I was in a brand new Evac lobby with two people. I had “No preference” and both of them had “Monster.” I got monster. They were not in a group (I asked them later).

I see it all the time when I’m hunter too. I have no preference and get someone’s assault even though two people preferred assault. It needs to be fixed.


There is definitely a problem. I was using no preference so I would take whatever was left over for the team, but sometimes I take peoples priority pick instead. It used to work better than this, I assume it is a bug.

@friday13th you may want to change this to a bug report thread.

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all no preference does is just randomising your preferences, thats why you lost your spot to him

That’s not how its supposed to work

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Changed it to Bugs for ya if ya don’t mind :smile:

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I disagree I like how no preference means you don’t care what role you get but it doesn’t just stick you in the role no one else wants.

I tested it with a group of randoms. Asked everyone to change their preference to Assault and left mine as No pref.

Guess who got assault (3x in a row.)

No Preference should be that. No preference.

The guy whom prefers Medic should get Medic and not overridden by the guy whom doesn’t care.

HUGE problem.

Random =/= no preference.


Plus, if you don’t have a preference, you shouldn’t have ANY problem with getting the position no one else wants.


I don’t mind getting the preference no one else wants doesn’t mean no preference means you want the same role every time though.

sounds like an actual bug.

But everyone else wants the same thing in a row and you set yours to, “I don’t care.”

If you have no preference…you should have no problem getting the thing no one wants repeatedly.

Which is why no preference is not the same thing as random. It is literally that you do not care what role you get.

How about getting your 5th choice (monster) when there are only 3 people in the lobby? It has happened to me more than one in the last week or two.

If all other players are in a group it will make you monster.

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Game prioritizes a player monster over preferences.

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That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not have a monster as a bot vs a hunter?

No idea. I’m not sure why this is even a thing.

Then again, I understand coming into a match and the only position left is a Monster that is getting torn apart.

But then again, the position usually opens up because people leave, since they don’t want to be Monster.

Cause bot monsters are kinda ridiculously dumb against good hunters.