Now We Need a Female Assault Character


I’m really digging the characters so far in Evolve. Even though they don’t have much backstory to them (at least in the game itself) their lines are well written and give just enough to make us care. And I really enjoy the female characters too, because they’re more than just good looks, they actually have some depth and power to them. Especially Sunny. (And this is coming from a guy. :wink: )

But the final frontier in Evolve, at least for Hunters, would be a female Assault type character. That would be a real creative triumph for TRS if they can successfully pull it off. I do have a couple of ideas as to how it can be done:

  • A genetically altered female super soldier. I know Assault types usually require big guns and even bigger men to carry them, but for a female Assault character, in Evolve’s setting I can see a woman splicing a gene or two to make her able to compete with the best space marines. Heck, if Evolve has a character like Slim around, who’s to say a woman super-soldier isn’t an option?
  • A stealthy assassin type. Who’s to say a character has to be huge and hulking to be an effective Assault type? The right kind of weapons can do all sorts of damage, they don’t necessarily have to be large in Evolve’s setting. So maybe a small, nimble character with weapons that can function like assassin’s tools against monsters could make a good Assault character.

What do you folks think?

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I believe, like many others, it’s most likely in the works.



Yes! WE need a sexy assault girl to rambo that monster!!! Plus it’d be nice to pounce her as the monster if ya know what I’m sayin xD

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I thought it was going to be an elderly woman in a mech suit.



I vote for a reversed Torvald! Female robot on top… and then a real human for the lower half, of course with a bubble butt and sexy legs :wink:

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A slim built - long hair- red head, with double piercing incendiary guns. Uppercut grenades and as a special ability… She temporarily transforms into a mini monster with close combat abilities, leaping, health regen,… Once it wears of she receives twice the damage for x amount of time… Boom, sold it.

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Something like that? :wink:

hope mods doesn’t find this pic too extreme

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Yes. As well as a “Girl Power!” Achievement for when a full female hunter squad takes on a Wraith.



Suddenly I’m finding myself quoting a certain line from Aliens…



I wouldn’t wanna see the only female assault also be the only smaller built assault. I wanna see some big Brunhilda bitch that looks like she could hang with the rest of them. Something you don’t see a lot of in gaming/comics/anything, and would be really cool. Start here:



My inner perfectionist would hate it if a character broke the class trend. Medics have winged jetpacks and are slim (hurhurhur), Supports have exoskeletons, Trappers…are green…and Assaults are huge.



Agreed, nothing is quite as strange as looking over at Parnell and realizing he legitimately is a giant.
First time i ever felt short :confused:

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Well he is eight feet tall…



Ooooo that’s much better than what I just created… XD

So yeah… she got chopped in half by something, but the engineers/scientists decided to save her lower body because friends and family told them that she was kind of a bitch and talked out of her ass more than her mouth anyways. That’s her story.

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I know, I was playing defend as parnell and i walked over to Val and i realized i legit looked over her head, kinda cool how each character has their own point of view

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That’s legit too lol :smiley:



Her name shall be Helga…Hahah couldn’t say it seriously. I vote for a female assault bug hybrid like Slim. That would be interesting and some hilariously funny conversations between her and Slim.



I think Bucket deserves a female robot friend. That would be some great dialogue lol



Agree. (Additional characters)



Hot assault girl 100% :smiley: