Now that tier 4 monster is out, im ready to see tier 5!



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Shhh, patience is a virtue.



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at first, i thought that it looked like that sloth was silently killing that cat, although i didnt believe the sloth was actually trying to do that


Aren’t we just an eager beaver ^.^


indeed, except for the beaver part. Im a behemoth i have u know


You sir, are a ROOSTERer



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Can’t wait to see tier 5 either. xD I sort of have the feeling that we will see a Female assault… Which is awesome!


Rushing it a little don’t you think?


nahhhh Xd jk

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We’ve already seen it Minion Versions of it though!

Tier 5 was confirmed as a Mammoth Bird. A very LARGE Mammoth Bird!



Release T5 silhouettes like you did with T4.


Aside from the two hunters promised in the PC edition I don’t even think an entire tier 5 is even confirmed.
I mean I’m sure there will be but it is to early to tell.


Yea it’s too early for that. We probably might get an answer asking for what they are trying to patch next or if there are any new maps or game modes in the tubes.


According to @Magik_boom, he saw two members of T5 in silhouette form. Care to tell us what they looked like, buddy? :smiling_imp:


Only got a good look at the assault, you’d have to ask @MidnightRoses what the other one looked like

But assault was big (duh), but had weird arms. Bulky like muscled, but slim at the wrist, elbow and shoulder parts. So i was thinking maybe a generation 2 bug thing (forgot the name), with a power based of that (maybe similar to parnells ss but with different effects)


What? Lol.


Dropship conversation

The mutagen soldiers (i think thats their name) originally had a generation 1 group, i think torvald had a friend amongst them, but it wasnt ‘perfected technology’ so they all went crazy and many of them never even saw duty. Slim is generation 3, when the technology was much better, hence why he’s so human (mentally)
So I was thinking that the assualt could be a generation 2, not completely there like slim, instead crazy like hyde but for different reasons