Now that the game is gold, should we expect more optimization in the future?


First of all i would like to congratulate the Devs for the awsome game, i wasnt that sure i was going to buy it until all the game modes were announced, but i have only 1 concern that i would be really be thankfull if a dev or anyone near the devs could take 5 minutes to aswer.

Now that the game has gone gold, are you guys planning to continue optimizing whats alredy exists, or will you only focus on new content from now on?

I am just asking because the game feels somewhat heavy even in minimum options, i have times when i am playing on constant 60 fps, then on a rainy map i cant go over 40 fps even with all in minimum on a 1680 x 1050 resolution, my machine is a I5-3450, with a nvidia geforce gtx660 and 8gbs ram ddr5, my brother on a i3-2100 with a amd 7850 is getting similiar results to me, lagging a little more under heavy fights like the defense.

Still love the game, and wish you guys good luck, would really just like a clear in about future optimisations for the game =)


Not sure, but I woudl think future patches might have more tweaks.
Perhaps @MrStrategio would tell us?


Hmm - could you be running something else in background? My system is not much better than yours:
i5-3470k (but I am OCd a bit)

I run at High Settings, but I turn AA OFF and Shadows to low. I get between 50 and 60 depending. Now for me I’m happy with this, I know some are not. I’m just surprised that you see those number at all LOW settings.


DDR5 ? Eh?


He just got confused. Perhaps kindly explaining that would have been a more productive use of forum time :smile:

@acekaze DDR5 is only Video RAM, not system.


DDR5 doesnt exist !

Its GDDR5 and he stated 8gb ram DDR5.

GDDR stands for GPU,the highest option is GDDR5
DDR stands for Ram,the highest option is DDR4.


Thank you - excellent post!!

(And see, even I forgot the G…but I did know what you were alluding too)



Ontopic :- Op have you downloaded the latest Nvidia Drivers ? They were released on 10th.


Yea sorry made confusion with the rams, and yes, i also downloaded latest nvidia drivers and no i dont use anything open at same time has evolve, i even turn of my web browsers., and VonHenry, when the game started and made the tutorial i was ranging 40-55 fps with all on high, but i am just the type of guy who prefers 60 stable fps over high graphics and playing on 40 fps, so i tend to turn everything to low has for me it doesnt matter, but i would still like to know if they are gona tweak the optimization or if they did all they could =) but even with everything on low, on the maps with heavy rains and thunderstorms my fps dives to 40 again, on normal maps it ranges 55-60


I totally get it, a lot of people want that 60 fps number; my eyes are too old to care anymore :smile: If I’m over 45 I seem to be happy. And of course, I mean over 45 and ‘constant’. I don’t want it jumping around.

Again, I get you want 60, I’m just surprised with your setup you can’t get to 60 on Medium settings.
Hopefully more optimization on the way for you.


I am kinda old school =P Graphics dont mean a thing if the experience isnt perfect, thankfully Evolve even on 40 fps works pretty well, but i am still hoping they will slightly optimize the game a little more so i can sit on my 60 fps constant XD not yet able to upgrade the machine.


We would like to keep supporting this game as long as the community warrants it. Getting reports of problems helps us identify issues and it’s even better if there are multiple reports. Though there’s still processes we have to adhere to and priorities we need to meet. If a large number of users are reporting a critical issue that blocks them from playing the game, we would have to prioritize that higher than a performance increase issue.Though technically that would be an optimization… In any case I hope to see future optimizations that increase performance, but I don’t know for certain. We’re still a company that has to juggle a lot of tasks.


Thank you very much MrStrategio, its a pretty straight aswer, but you guys will at least prioritize the stuttering etc issues that many people are reporting on graphic cards superior to required right? Still, like i said, this game even on 40 fps feels really smooth so i am having a blast of an experience, cant wait to see what you guys will do next, and hope for the best sucess has possible for this game.