Now that flee till 3 is gone, how about some stamina love for Goliath?


In next patch, flee till 3 is gone, meaning than you can no longer mitigate as much damage in domes.

So how about restoring Goliath’s stamina considering it was (repeatedly) nerfed for this same problem ?

There’s no reason for that now.


How is it going to be gone?

Also, then MG needs a buff too, since he is all about higher mobility than OG


We don’t know yet, but it’s been hinted that it shouldn’t be as much of an issue anymore.


Exactly what mountain said. We’ll have to wait and see if the changes being planned work as well as the devs expect. Hopefully they do, but we won’t know until we try them out. :wink:


Weren’t the melee/ability changes meant to do that? By making S1 more manageable and S3 less rewarding?


Except all that did was make the good players stomp harder at lower stages and less skilled needing to run to three for extra damage. As little as it is.


3 didn’t give anymore damage. It did same melee damage as 2


More points to put towards more skills is more overall damage.


Less mitigation? Did I miss a confirmed note?


I thought it was just plainly evened out across the board, making melee damage that same across all 3 stages. Makes it more consistent in my opinion, rather than more manageable or less rewarding =)


Yes, but it apparently wasn’t enough so they have something…else in mind. No idea what it could be though.


I’m interested nonetheless.


They cant just take something like that out of the game unless they make it physically impossible to run from the hunters. Which would only work if they made a bright beacon pointing you out at all times and the dome was auto thrown.

They will never eliminate flee til three but they can make it less advantageous to do so, which is awesome. I hate that strategy.


no flleetill3 how? what?


If they did that it wouldn’t be a hunt anymore XD


Considering how Wraith’s overall speed was nerfed because of dome dodging and when that was made impossible they never changed her speed back, I’d say it’ll be staying this way.


Maybe I missed that, but will it be in Kala patch ?


Nothing has been said or confirmed as to what is being changed and/or when. It is all just speculation right now.


I just want Stage 3 Goliath to feel powerful again. As it is now going to stage 3 as monster makes it LESS likely that you’ll win, and when I’m playing hunter I don’t think “oh shit stage 3, we’re boned” I think “good… a bigger target that’s easier to kite.”


Can someone bring me up to date as to how the upcoming changes will mitigate flee till 3 theoretically?

Thanks in advance