Now my GPU is only using 40% gpu usage no matter what. (no i dont have vsync on)


my rig is

Intel Core I7 5820K @ 4.3ghz
EVGA GTX 980 Classified
ASUS X99-Pro
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 4x(4GB) DDR4 @2666mhz
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

i have a thread open about stuttering, game freezes locking up for about 1 to 2 seconds and then crashes. NOW the game is only using around 40% of my gpu. no im not dumb and have v-sync enabled. i use Gsync. and even with it off still game wont use more than 40 - 45% of the gpu. (frames around 45- 55 fps)

what the hell happened to this game. never had these issues in beta and alpha. i dont have any other issues playing the other 100+ games in my steam account… WTF

also this is what it looks like. apperently someone else is having this issue as well. i tried turning off hyper threading nothing. enabling it again. nothing again.


here its using close to 60% usage. was using 99% and getting 120 FPS…


did you try to run the game with chrome opened ? Some people reported having chrome running does increase the fps, don’t know if it is bullcrap or not, but you can still try it.


yeah i tried that. and that by far is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. not sure what was going through that guys head thinking having a random program open would increase performance.


It did increase performance though. As bizarre as it sounds, my frame rate was being throttled to 50-60 fps when Evolve was the only application window open. Chrome must be utilizing certain GPU capabilities that Evolve isn’t running :S I was troubleshooting this for ages and wondering why at times my frame rate would be fine and other times it was crap. Then I realized when I had certain windows open it ran fine. This fix worked for other people too…


Isnt evolve capped at 60fps on the PC ?


Not anymore, but even after using the tweak the performance still tanks randomly.


Mine seems to be, i only get 60fps,it never goes over that.i have a gtx 980 too.



for some reason. this is happening only in single player. that screenshot above in OP is in single player. while im in multiplayer im getting 130 FPS mostly depending whats going on. sooooooooooooo there is something up with this in single player.

which i dont understand because this happened during the tutorial when i first started the game then after a few restart single player and tutorial was not having any fps issues (low gpu usage)

this is messed up