Now it seems the black screen. Instead "DXGI error"


I am sure I am not the only person with this problem.
This problem is similar to the dxgi error.
happend every 1-2 hours.

The worst thing is, I have to reboot the my PC by force.(with boot button)
I’m tired.
And I am afraid. I think it would cause problems in my pc.
I used all the Solution I can.
(Advice of the “experts” in the “all” thread)

I thought “3/31 update” would be a patch to solve the error.
But the answer’s “black screen”.

Also, ‘dxgi error’ sometimes happend.
Alternating with a black screen.


Ermm reply here of exactly what’s happening.When does the black screen occur?What are you doing that time?Give PC specs and also anything like different aspect ratio than the normal ones or multiple screens or SLI/Crossfire etc.

That way @MajorLeeHyper can see em and get a better idea


I do not speak English well
So I’m writing on the forum with google translator.

I did not overclock or hardware modifications.
I just purchased hardware by reputable company.
(If the GPU hardware forcibly converted the clock, did not buy.I am not an idiot.)

I use the Window 8.1, Devil’s Canyon(4790k), 970 gtx(single), 16gb memory
The game was installed on the HDD.
( SSD = installed OS only)
and Single monitor(120hz, Of course the vertical sync on), single GPU.
I’m not a modifications hardware that you might think.

And the error is happening is always different.
While Running, While Healing, While Fighting .
Obviously, that is a common game situations.

I am tired with Stupid error.


Can you try playing with Vsync off?

Turn it off completely and try again


Is too basic.
I have also already tried vertical sync of half refresh rate.

but, nothing changed.


also tried frame limite(60), The very past.