Now i have to change my Profile name if i have to play waggie


Why u do this guys. Waggie is hated so much that now i have to change prof name and badge just make them not quit the lobby… :frowning:

i just want to try her out to see if she is really as bad as everyone says(not doing it vs bots they are useless) … the only players who stay after seeing waggie are ppl with 10 hours in game :frowning:

poor waggie and her doggy no love from TRS devs…

I know why she is considered bad but Im not the guy who just accepts whats said… I want to try and find it out myself … sadly here its at the cost of others time


The community is very good at proliferating an opinion as if it’s fact. There is nothing wrong with her, but people spreading misinformation means that it is now common knowledge that she is “bad”.


What do they think is bad about her?


Aside from Daisy AI, only being able to place 1 harpoon and her pistol having no damage except the DoT yea, aside from that she’s not too bad. She might not be as terrible as people think, but she isn’t considered the worst trapper for no reason.


The reason why you don’t see her very much is that we’re not sure how much damage she does over original Maggie because all the damage isn’t calculated at the post game results, the supposed better damage potential doesn’t seem worth the loss of 3 mines and Flamethrower Daisy has AI issues that make her a poor source of damage. Also Waggie received a couple nerfs since Stage 2 which isn’t helping her.

I’m pretty sure she’s at the bottom tier of trappers. I don’t see her used, if any, at high level play.


it would just make my day if they gave an option for daisy to flame charge … something like if u press 3 and monsters is within 60mts of daisy daisy will go bersek and flame the shit out of monster for some set amount of damage then she reterats :stuck_out_tongue:

or even better go bite the monsters ass and hold it tight whie its flame thrower cook the monster for set amount of damge… monster can wiggle it out by using 2 traversals :stuck_out_tongue:


Still doesn’t fix the poor AI. It seems to get confused or freak out on what it wants to do and sometimes it’ll literally move around not doing anything. They should just ditch the flamethrower and replace it with the same burst pistol Waggie has and make her a mobile turret so the gun will track and shoot the Monster within a certain range so the AI will have a lot less problem of fucking it up.


Flame harpoon on Daisy is fine I guess
And make daisy follow Maggie at all times wherever she goes and not do the tracking since she is a combat trapjaw.


The arrogance that people have is outstanding


The conventional wisdom in this case is correct. OG Maggie with the gold tier poison perk does everything W Maggie does only much better. It is much harder to play W Maggie effectively now because of the nerfs to her flame snare, and when done right there is little reward. So most players are having negative experiences either playing as or playing with W Maggie. This does not mean she is not viable, just unpopular. Sure there is some over reaction, but it is based in real experience not mass hallucination. Other than the character model there is no reason to pick W Maggie over any other trapper. The reverse was almost true before when there was almost no reason to take OG Maggie over W Maggie due to the high damage and utility. I assume they will eventually refactor W Maggie so there is some greater differentiation in gameplay between the Maggies so you stop having the situation where one is just a better version of the other.


I don’t mind the idea she’s unpopular, plenty of hunters are and given the breadth of the roster there will always be unpopular hunters.

I just wish that people would drop this “Hunter X is soooo bad” attitude because it fundamentally isn’t true. Some hunters are tougher than others, some easier, but it is the players that are bad or godlike! That people quit matches when they see someone picks Waggie, or Lazarus, or Cabot because they’re of the belief only shielding supports are worth it…well they’re being very short sighted and unfortunately then only spreading this common belief that the character themselves must be broken.

People should try to take Waggie with jetpack boost, jetpack recharge and jetpack recharge and enjoy the chip and chase damage they deal in a manner that you simply can’t achieve with Maggie. :wink: