Noticing a lot Monsters standing still and letting the Hunters win


Not sure if it’s the stress of playing the Monster getting to them but since last night and today i have noticed Monsters letting the Hunters have easy wins


farming 10x xp?


It’ll be people farming xp, definitely


What a waste of win/lose ratio :unamused:


and thus telemetry will show how effective these solo buffs are. yay!


When I get caught by a hunter group in stage 1 and can’t get away at all beacause it seems they have unlimited jetpack fuel, no sunny mind you, I give up, cause I know I will never be able to shake them.


… or you could try to improve?


I am always trying to improve but Hunters right now have to much Jetpack fuel, no matter how hard I run away it doesn’t matter, I use traversal regen perks and move speed, doesn’t matter, they catch me no matter what.


Post the proofs.


Yeah if you have a video we might be able to offer some advice :slight_smile:


I can confirm it is exp farming,i do not stand still but i wait on spawn fighting stage 1 vs shielded hunters

I still win 80% tho lol


Also me leveling every single hunter to 40



takes me from 2 to 4 min to win 1 round


If I had recording software and a editor tool on my PC I would but I don’t, I doubt my PC would handle it anyway, so I can’t post it sadly, anyway I have enough experience playing from Legacy Evolve and I have been brushing up on my skills with Goliath again but I just can’t shake them for some reason, I don’t know if I am unlucky or just rusty and not in line with the new ¨Meta¨.


Then you have to watch good players play on twitch and learn for yourself.