Nothing but pictures in character select


It’s been among the top critiques of Evolve: Two relatively long loading screens before getting into the actual game.

I assume the main reason for that is the absurd amount of animated 3D Models and videos to explain each ability.

So the suggestion is quite simple: Replace all of the animated 3D models with static pictures and remove the videos entirely.

It’s sure nice and all, but shorter loading time is nice too. And if there is ever a free weekend again, thats one less reason to not buy it.


No. That would take a lot of the beauty away from the characters. Maybe the ability-videos playing could be removed, but the character animations have to stay


The animation plays out on the menu screen anyways, as long as it eliminates one of the 2 long loading screen before matches (3 if you had the balls to take on ranked)

It really just feels like one more instance in which the matchmaking tends to get hung on or gives the consuner an excuse to step away from the consoles for a bit only to make his teammates wait and return with barely 30 secs left to pick a character

  1. Wouldn’t be possible to remove loading screens.

  2. It would look trashier if you just had static images of characters with no videos.

  3. This would cause nothing but toxicity since these are incredibly user friendly and given that tutorials are being stripped from the game, no.

  4. It trashes hard work spent on animations, UI, programming, etcetera.

  5. There’s no benefit to this change other than faster loading but when considered, this causes more toxicity than its worth.

Another idea I’m wholeheartedly against.