Nothing available, everything purchased (X1)


Logged on today and only up to standard tier 3 characters were available. No adaptations So I made sure everything was installed and restarted the game. Same problem. So I went to the in game store and under every single item/bundle available, was purchased. Unless I went on a drunken spree I know this isn’t accurate.

Someone messing with the game devs? :wink:


Missing monsters / skins?

Same thing here. Cant access anything. Restarting doesnt help. Im on PC.


Could be a server hiccup, give a bit and try again.

Ooh, also try a full reboot of your X1.


I had Xbox on there originally, but then I saw others from ps4 and PC having the same problem so I took it off. =P

And I did the full reboot. Thanks for the suggestion tho.


Cool, just covering the bases. :thumbsup:


Sometimes it takes a while.
@TomsMeatPlatter had his missing for like a couple hours. He did multiple restarts and then they just randomly showed up again between matches.


Having same issue on PS4, Europe


We’re going to do some investigation on our end since we have a hunch at what is causing this, but in the meantime just keep logging back into Evolve until it fixes itself. Sorry for any frustrations this is causing.