Notes on telemetry for anyone complaining about OP or UP anything


This has bothered me when I see people like @MacMan posting all his awesome telemetry stats and people using these stats to declare that things are over powered or under powered.

TLDR: I want you guys to look at the telemetry stats for Team Fortress 2 that get published to steam. A symmetrical multiplayer game.

The only difference for many of the pure symmetrical maps is the color of the players shirts Look at that good and hard. You see many of the perfect symmetry maps listed may vary up to 4%. The non-symmetrical maps that they’ve spent 8 years balancing still have huge 10% to even 20% swings in win loss ratio. TF2 is widely considered to be a very balanced game (leagues better than CoD or BF at least).

Now I see @MacMan post stuff showing Krakens wlr 51% and people go nuts claiming that stats prove that he’s crazy OP, and it bothers me. From what I can tell about the telemetry in other games anything under 3% is crazy perfection. Pure random chance can really throw you from 5% under to 5% over from week to week.

Now really think hard about what having a balanced game really means for Evolve. Look at the above chart. Go look at Dota stats (where the wlr between radiant and dire can easily swing 8% in any direction with each minor patch). Go look up any CoD or Battlefield stats and be prepared for the shock of your life.

The premise of this game already super hard to get balanced, and add to that this game currently has only been out for a few months. All of that and it’s already more balanced than most games with years of dedicated work. Don’t stop complaining about it (I know it’s the only way some of you show your love), but really do consider that we’re playing something special here.

This game is a technical marvel, and I feel like many people just don’t respect that.

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