Not worth 60 Dollars


I’ll be real, people can go hypetastic about the game and have their nerd boners. But the game is not exactly worth 60 Dollars in my mind at least. There is so little content that I can’t justify spending that much, Hell you get more content out of a call of duty game (Not CoD player at all, just using an example). I’m not gonna be buying it when it comes out simply because of the fact that I can’t justify a multiplayer that is going to get old after about a week because based on the map sizes and the designs of the monsters, there is so much limitations. I don’t know you fanboys/girls can bash me all you want but I don’t see the value behind this game. 25-30 dollars maybe, not 60 at all though. Leaving it at that.


Still pretty clear you don’t want to discuss this.


Trolls get worse like thats the worse one ive seen smh.


No worries guys, I know what it was like to waste money as well, no need to get butthurt.


See, it’s funny, you think I am trying to troll. But I am putting across a solid fact that there is a huge lack of content for a game that is going to be priced at 60 dollars. If you think otherwise you serious haven’t played a quality game, but what can I say game developers recently have been rather lazy about what they are offering as a whole. You can choose to be an ignorant kiss ass and disbelieve me all I want. But What can I say everything is opinion based, no need to be a douchebag about it. Just make yourself out to be an asshole in the long run.


What would you suggest that would make it worth that sixty dollars, or add more to the price tag of the $25-30? I believe there’s some games that are worth that £60 that are packed with content people like but still didn’t ask for (i.e TES games, most notably V: Skyrim), but some like this need to do something dramatic to be worth the price. For me £45 is steep for a title that seems to heavily market its Hunt mode (there’s not much info on the other modes within the game, nor the maps. Understandable, but still a point), and very little is known of what else its going to offer outside of its PvP.

I’m just curious though as I’ve not seen you post here in the past, how much content do you know about? I’d be interested to know in case there’s things you might’ve missed, and raising awareness could change your mind or strengthen your own argument.

I’d just like to say though that it was unfair to dismiss you as a troll instantly. Granted your argument could’ve been worded a lot better, but I still think you have some decent points. A lot of people here do get defensive, but given the chance you might get some new perspective as I have. Just a thought.


I guess you didn’t play in the alpha…
Before, I was worried about stuff like that, but the amount of content and depth in the game is unbelievable. The alpha contained a small fraction of the game, and yet a lot of people logged 20+ hours and are still yelling for more. What’s wrong with the map size? Large enough for a monster to evade hunters till stage 3, yet small enough to allow a good team of hunters to track down the monster, and lock him in an arena just after evolving to stage 2 when the monster has lost all of his armor. I have heard people complaining how its just about standing and shooting a monster for ages, which would be boring, but it’s all about tactics, about where you position all the hunters, when to use the abilities, which, if you save them till later could be used to revive a friend (e.g. cloak). As far as I’m aware, there are 4 hunter classes and a monster, and 3 characters within each category, so in total 15 characters which need to be balanced.
4vs1 might be the usp, but I’m pretty sure that there will be more modes released as we get closer to release date.
I would say one of the less good things is that the game looks less fun on youtube than when you actually play it.
How about waiting to play the game in alpha or beta, or waiting for all the content to be released before slating the game…


People have diluted the term troll far too much.

Opinions can still be opinions even if they conflict with yours. Just because its not something positive does not mean it lacks merit. The second you start censoring negative opinions about your game is the second you become a shitty dev.

That being said, i applaud your effort to even try a thread like this where people will plug their ears and scream if anyone so much as suggests the game isnt perfect


Agreed on the troll, but at least wait for the full details of the game before closing your eyes and ears and shouting “This game isn’t worth this much, this game is sh*t” etc.
I think a lot of people on the forums are just getting sick of the people who are making judgments on a game which is still in development, and a large proportion of the game hasn’t even been released yet.


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It’s still eary days. to scale, we only know a tiny bit on what’s on offer- the devs are gamers like you and I, and they are so generous considering they are a business at the end of the day (like allowing to play with/against dlc characters and free maps so no one is left out) it is unjust to dismiss your argument so suddenly, however you have to understand you may have jumped the mark yourself- a lot more content is yet to me revealed! Hang on in there, kitty!


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I for one do not believe you are trolling @Sirlock68 so I’m unlocking this thread. Reading your post, it seems like you’re giving sound reasons why you personally wouldn’t value Evolve @ $60. Unfortunately you don’t really list any criteria that would make something worth $60, so it’s not exactly a point that people can try to reason with you on since we have no idea what you value. For all that we know, you could consider a collectors edition of a game that is valued at a $100 as something you would consider to be only worth $60.

We could try to pull from a common source of entertainment that is fairly constant like movies. Consider that a game for $60 is the equivalent of 5 movie tickets priced at $12. Expect a movie to entertain you for 2 hours, so $60 would get you 10 hours of entertainment. If you’ve played the game for 10 hours/a week, then you’ve at least got your money’s worth.

Noting from my experience, I once bought “Nuclear Dawn” on Steam’s Christmas sale in 2011 for $20, because I felt that any shooter is at least worth that much. It interested me because it merged FPS with RTS elements, so I gave it a shot. There wasn’t much to it like Evolve has. 4 Classes, 4 items each, 6-8 maps, like a dozen buildings. The depth of strategy in there though and how each game could turn out differently was amazing. I put in over 300 hours into that game. Essentially I paid .06 cents for an hour’s worth of entertainment. $60 would have been like paying .20 cents for an hours worth of entertainment.

Now I may work on Evolve, but I can honestly tell you that after play testing this game for over 2 years, it’s still fun for me and it hasn’t gotten old yet. So I’m fairly confident that most people won’t just be bored after a week. Plus I know there’s more to this game than the public is aware of so your perceptions are misinformed in my eyes. There will be some who may get bored of Evolve, that’s a bummer. But perhaps if you’re on the fence, you could try to play it at a friends first and then decide about how much time you think you could put into it and see if it’s worth at least $6 for an hour of entertainment since you’d pay that much for a movie ticket.

All opinions are welcome, so feel free to voice your concerns, just try to keep it civil and show respect to others. You kind of threw down the gauntlet expecting a fight when you said

and then poked more of a fight when you responded with

No need to approach it like that dude. People will simply approach it in a similar fashion. Our moderators are just trying to keep this a positive forum environment. As developers we want to hear your feedback on topics. Good or bad, it helps us gain perspective and keep it real.


While you have the right to have an opinion OP, TRS still haven’t reveal everything about the game so you might be jumping the gun here.


Still have some goodies to announce. :smiley:


For people that say TLDR: One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.

For the rest:
I would like to add couple things to this topic.

@Sirlock68 So if it’s not worth for you, you could have at least given some idea “why”.

But that’s beside the point I’m going to talk about. I do too agree to some degree that’s it’s not worth 60.

I liked the game, I did enjoy the Alpha I was given a chance to help test, but my reasoning is completely different of the one everybody might think. My beef is with pricing on PC side of things. Why is it 59.99 USD, when there is no Sony or Microsoft tax? We all know, that they do take $10-12 so Turtle Rock and 2K can sell their game on their respective console, but not on PC. As far as I know Steam doesn’t do that, I know they do take some % of the sales, but that’s just like Walmart, Gamestop or any other store that sells things. I ask, why are we PC gamers paying that difference? I’ve noticed it for couple of years, that AAA games tend to average the price up, not down. That’s the reason why I disagree with $60 price tag on PC title, especially if I’m purchasing it as a digital download, there is a lot less mouths to feed along the way, but the price rarely goes down (not saying it’s not going down after the release, but that’s another topic). I know, I can get game cheaper, just have to hunt for some price discount coupons/codes on greenmangaming or G2A to name a few. I just disagree with it and that’s it.

I’m a “hardcore gamer”, I do buy games on release dates if they interest me, but I rarely pay full price on them, not because they are not “worth”, but because I’m a patient men and I do my research. Unlike some of my friends, who tend to rely on me, to find good deals on games we will be playing together. They are all scattered around many systems PC/Xbox/PlayStation, that makes my life harder and wallet thinner. I “had to” buy BF4 with premium on PS4 and PC, and boy was I burned… I didn’t pay full price for neither of them, not even premiums, but that’s not the point right now, my point is, I showed to my friend Jackfrags gameplay of Kraken on Youtube: I made him watch whole thing, even though he is type of person that skips cut-scenes when he can in all games. Doesn’t matter how heavy story based it is, he just doesn’t care. Anyhow, I showed him this, and asked what does he think about it, as in, I was looking for a game to replace the void that BF4 left because he was one of my buddies we used to play L4D with. His first reaction was, that he can’t see anything, what the monster does, where he aims, or anything like that, I assured him that he shouldn’t worry about it because it’s that the youtube quality is shit, and shit it is, trust me on that. After that, I showed him some “found” footage of Alpha in really good quality, think of gamersyde quality, just better and asked him what he thinks now. He liked it. Asked me about modes it will have, and so on and so forth. I did what I could, because I want this to succeed so we could go back to the old days… anyhow, he asked me, how much is it – I said 60, then he wasn’t pleased. He is not a hardcore gamer, he doesn’t have to play games when released, that’s not his primary hobby, nor 2nd or 3rd, it’s just there. He said, he would be willing to pay about 30-40 max, and not because there is something wrong with the game, but his reasoning was that he would play it wit me and our friends 2-3 times a week and for few months, until something else comes along. So there you have it, few reasons, why “worth” is relative to different people different ways.

Am I going to buy it? Yes. It’s one of few games that got me excited recently Most likely on PC, due to superior graphics and better ability to aim with mouse, but if there are enough people on PS4, I might do that, or both, depends on many factors. Anyhow, thanks to @SlinkyGuy for opening this topic upon my request.

Any thoughts, or other comments are appreciated, just be civil about it…


I’m really keeping my figures crossed for this game. I almost had my mind made up, that is, up until I heard about the games delay. Really refreshing to hear that they’re gonna take an extra 4 months just to polish it up. Gives me tons of hope for the commitment and vision behind the project.

@MrStrategio Pointed out, that the original poster didn’t give examples for what he valued to be, a 60$ game.

Well i posted this in another thread, re-posting here in hopes some of the “higher up’s” (@MacMan) get to see an honest gamer prospective as well.

I thought about the whole Versus aspect of this game. Just because i believe co-op is fun. But a good multi-player game lives forever. This game has the potential for that.

I agree with “Yogzula” about l4d versus mode not getting the “appreciation” it deserved. I believed it was always because people didn’t take it serious, or, didn’t think it was hard to shoot “ai zombies” or shoot hunters VS AWPing some one in CS:S. But never realized how intense, and hard, that experience can be at the hand of a good infected team.

I think if the “devs” make it so, this can be a pretty sweet, competitive game. Its already fun to watch.

All you need is a 4v4 mode

do a lobby of 8 people.

8 Rounds

Team A & Team B

Team A (all play as Goliath once.1 plays,3 teammates spectate)
Team B (all play as hunters & can switch classes after every round)

After 4 rounds, the roles are switched.

After 8 rounds the winner is determined via point grading system based on damage dealt, time taken to kill monster, ect.


Simple win/vs losses with the first option in place in the event of a tie breaker.

I also see the potential for other modes all together.

4v4 (3 smaller assistants to the Goliath)

instead of having one Goliath with multiple abilities.
For example: have one “smaller assistant” that breaths
fire, one projectile damage type “assistant”, and have a “smaller assistant” that can hold players for limited amounts of time or something that can kill & bring food to you. With balance to Goliath as well. For example; Less, to no shield. Amp’d damage. Rage option, ect.


Introduce a mode with more than one Goliath (4 Goliath vs 16 hunters) something like that. But with more balance, for example, bigger maps, more(or less) hunters, ext.

Im kinda just brainstorming here. Hoping for nothing but good things out of this game.


I see what you’re saying and I respect your opinion. I disagree with you for my own reasons but I’m not gonna hate on you for having your own personal opinion.


Are you basing these assumptions from the alpha? Or do you know whats in store for us with the full release?


If you would rather not announce them publicly yet you can always pm me :stuck_out_tongue: