Not trying to troll, but the PC community needs to downvote the game. Getting REALLY angry at TRS. SO MANY BUGS!

So many bugs are ruining my play experience! I have been unable to get my evac exp because the game keeps freezing when the game concludes! My char was even replaced by a pink spaceship at one point. The game crashes more and more often. Seriously TRS, if we do not get a patch this week i am going to stop buying your games.@MacMan THE PC COMMUNITY DESERVES BETTER!

You need to review your priorities.


You again? How many times are you going to state your opinion as belonging to every PC gamer?


You should not be trying to speak for all PC users. I have this on PC and I disagree with you.

I am perfectly happy with Evolve so far and am looking forward to a patch. I would love to see it this week but rushing patches will only result in more and worse bugs.

I had to deal with the device_hung error and have the odd unexplainable disconnect but they are not that bad. I have sorted most of the problems out myself.


I get maybe two crashes a week. Acceptable for a game in its first few weeks, before a patch hits.

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Only had a few disconnects, and always from the lobby. Other than that, the only bugs are that my savage goliath skin is missing and the occasional cursor bug. None of those are game breaking by any stretch of the imagination. @VOICEOFPC, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Feel free to speak for yourself… but do not presume to speak for the rest of us.

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Okay, Voiceofpc. Where is the downvoting supposed to be done? Metacritic or what? If you’re going to try to get an angry mob going, you should at least direct where the mob should go.

I have a few minor issues, like the cursor disappearing and matchmaking issues, but on my PC I haven’t had many major problems. vOv

I can speak for myself, thank you. It already has a bunch of bad ratings on Steam & Metacritic largely because of the PC bandwagon where everything is a meme, we could do with a little less hyperbole, misinformation & immaturity all around. There are several places to report bugs if you’re actually not trolling. Saying “not trying to troll” before saying we should trash the game because of uncommon bugs you’re experiencing on your system is pretty much trolling.

Edit: I do have to admit though, as small a thing as that cursor bug might be, it’s really been pissing me off. It’s been consistent since launch; after a few matches, at random, it disappears completely & it’s really difficult to figure out where you need to click to get out of the progression screens, and you need to restart the game. I started to just Alt+F4 after a match when it happened since it’s so hard to click on anything - usually it’s just an extra 30 seconds to a minute and you’re back where you were. I just did that again when it happened in the middle of grinding mastery ranks, and when I loaded the game back up it wouldn’t load my profile, so I had to quit again, and this has happened twice. I have to say that I’m pretty concerned - not loading your profile properly is the cause of the progression wipe bug which can also happen on PC. I know XBone got the progress wipe/progression changes patch a few days ago, but I don’t know that PC has had any update at all (I haven’t noticed any changes to the progression requirements).


You must have a lot going on in your life…

well. tbh. the game is littered with bugs and everyone who says they dont encounter them, pays no attention. that goes from zero gravity over highspeed goliaths to rocks not doing damage. or the steam overview… doesnt work at all (mousecursor, sometimes pops up without pressing tab etc).
the patch should come this week. i for myself have played around 3 games in the last week. That is around 1/20 from the week before. But whatever, if you guys are happy the way it is, thats fine. I am not.

Shut up, for the last time. All you do is complain about everything you think is wrong, and you are so ignorant, you think you speak for everyone.

Oh boy, here we go again.

All he does is make this thread over and over again.

Thats how today works. The loudest voices get heard. Its always the same.


Rock throws not doing damage happens on Xbox to

I get mouse cursor and superspeed Goliath bugs almost every game now. Especially that Goliath bug is super annoying. Last game it happened twice. First it put me in speed mode and after that it launched me right to the sky. I know though that after the patch there will be many, many new bugs and some might be even worse.

Edit: Where have you heard that the patch would come this week?

The game runs almost as smooth as butter for me (other than cursor bug). Should I upvote the game?

Not in Russia…


nah you do get heard.

Didn’t that guy just get murdered?

That he did, that he did. Not sure if he was a pc troll though.