Not sure what to do anyone else have this problem?


I play this game everyday regardless of the bugs and freezing. Just tried logging in now to play (im on xbox) cant even sign in, its been saying signing in please wait for probably 15 minutes, already tried restarting my xbox has nothing to do with my internet everything else works fine…why cant i even sign in now? I saw a thread similar to this about the same problem but it was old from february…all these issues make playing frustrating im probably gonna stop playing until whatever is going on gets fixed…although by then ill probably be playing something else…

Stuck at Beginning Cutscene

real shit show with TRS and 2k. a shame after how good you guys were with valve. Maybe its just 2k. Not sure whats going on over at TRS headquarters


I’ve been on X1 since the Alpha, can’t say I have ever had any of these issues.

Is XBL having problems?


Just got done playin no problem try a hard unplug it and plug it back in lol



Has this problem been fixed?
If not try a hard reset (hold down the power button until the xbox turns off).