Not sure if intended (Hank)


Now, I have known about this for over a month, and shared it as well. But as I was reading these forums, I started to wonder if it was a bug.

Hank’s shield can cure poison, and extinguish fires. What I mean is, if a Hunter is taking DoT, simply pulsing his shield on them once negates the full damage. Not just what would take place during the shield time, but everything after it as well.

Might be the same for Sunny’s drone, but that may be harder to replicate.

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That’s… amazing… Never thought of it.


They found out! But seriously? Shields do that?


They do indeed! As I was eliting Hank, if someone got caught by Venomhounds, or escaped from a firebreathing Goliath, I would pulse the shield on them to remove the effect, and focus my attention elsewhere.


Something tells me it’s intentional. Even if the shield was on for just a split second. Just seems like that might be thing.


It could be, but I wasn’t sure. So I figured I would bring it up and accomplish one of two things. Either increase awareness for the devs, or add one more tool to the kit of Hank players :wink: