Not sure if i should return to Evolve


I am a huge evolve fan and clocked about 250 hours on a old gamertag. Well for some reasons i cant use that GT Anymore and im back on my orginal. So of course there the bonus of getting to re level, get my monsers elite ecg ect

But i would have to re buy behemoth and gorgon right?

Not to mention last time i played the ranked monster que timer was out rageous. Never did enjoy hunter side

Is it worth it? ( xbox one)


You can contact 2K Support and they might be able to switch your purchased DLC over to your new account.


Ofcourse you gotta prove that really was your GT. But thats a rough choice to make to rebuy. Id say it worth it if it was me but i play atleast every other day and its my favorite game. It depends mate, do you enjoy crushing those hunters hope and dreams with your big ol monster arms?


As skills mentioned, you should contact 2K, even thoigh I dont understand why you are not able to use your old account anymore O.o

Anyways, new patch 9.0 is coming soon, which should make game much enjoyable and less frustrating experience for both Hunters and Monsters, so at least I would make sure to check that out ( its believede that TU 9.0 is coming somewhere next month, but not confirmes)


I would hold off until the upcoming patch goes live to see if it helps the playerbase or queuing in Hunt 2.0.

There’s always Quick Play though.


Exactly this.


They won’t be able to switch your content over unfortunately, but you can buy the ultimate edition and have all the DLC!


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