Not so sneaky sneak attack...?


Well, I was the last person alive and fighting Kraken. I had about 20 seconds left until my team dropped back in, and I figured I could dodge around and survive until my team got back, I had the Kraken in front of me and I was dodging his attacks then suddenly he rushed close to me and sneak attacked me and killed me before then. 1.) How can he sneak attack if I have full sight of him 2.) How can I get sneak attacked from the front? Well, I thought maybe it was a little hiccup, but no. This has happened several times now, not always the same scenario as the first time it happened, but I just don’t think that anyone should be sneaked attacked from the front when they’re clearly in combat and there’s no sneaking to be done.


It’s less a ‘Sneak Attack’ and more of a ‘Pounce’ You can be staring at him all day long and it won’t prevent him from doing that. Sometimes you can clip the monster as he hits you to ‘knock him off’ (Similar to melee hits timed correctly in Left 4 Dead)


actually. if you get the megamouth perk. it says pounce attacks do 200% damage. so its a pounce attack to pin a hunter down


Okay, that certainly clears it up a bit, thank you. I just thought I was getting sneak attacked and it was frustrating, haha. Makes a lot more sense now.


Ya, being last man alive try to always dodge UP with jetpack to avoid getting pinned. It’s a common tactic for the last man left.


take this as a learning lesson as a monster as well. the best secure way to end a match with 1 hunter left is to pounce! even if others are downed shooting pistols at you you do NOT get interrupted. so pounce that last hunter! careful tho. if you miss it buys a ton of time for that hunter!


Also, don’t bother pouncing Markov or Hyde while they are using the lightning gun/flamethrower, the constant damage will almost always interrupt your pounce


All good as advice, thank you guys! Should really help my friends and I today! (:


That’s necessary for me to give ABSOLUTE advantage to the monster in 1 vs 1…
I mean, look : he could just take you in his claw and eat you alive !

(…however he can’t do that against… A ROBOT !! Since Bucket can drop his turrets to prevent being pounced)

edit: OMG for an unknown reason, Kraken isn’t unlocked yet but Wraith IS !!..
Poor poooor level 5 hunters…