Not showing replied to topics


However when u edit it shows it was a reply to another reply.

Then a 2nd post it works???


Yea im getting the same


hmmmmm screencap? Definitely dont want this happening


test blah blah


It only shows up when you’ve replied to a post which had more posts before it!

Say if I was to reply to you now, it wouldn’t show that I was replying to you because the post was EXACTLY after your post.

But say if I replied to someone who posted earlier in this thread, it would come up as replying to that said person. It’s not a big deal, really! Besides, the person you were replying to would still get the notification anyway! :smile:


No cuz when i do this


and then this

As u can see only one says replied to prior posting.


hmmm interesting. Might be a bug. I’ll ask Discourse about it.


Started happening recently. If you added or changed something might be the cause.


Sometimes broken now


broken still? nope dont think so


If you reply to a post the poster had replied to it doesn’t show as a reply to THEIR comment. I think this is a bug as I’ll likely replying to it as a “new” comment.


@SlinkyGuy is correct, when

  • a reply is directly above or below a post it is replying to
  • and there is only one reply

we suppress the reply indicator to keep the UI clutter free.