Not showing on leaderboards


I don’t know if it is a bug or not. But, I can not see myself on the leaderboards. As in I don’t show up on them. I’m really confused. :confused:


Wins and losses are not recorded at the moment on the leaderboards, which explains why you don’t show up.

No worries however, the devs have informed us that this will be fixed in the next title update and any win or loss you received before will then be correctly added.


Cool. Thanks.:slight_smile:


No sweat, let us know if you need any other help. I"m sure me and other community members will be glad to help you out.


Will they ever reset the leaderboards? Don’t you think it would be necessary given the playerbase and the option for new and current players to reach the top?


Hi Epex.

No idea, they did however confirm that the rank for Hunt 2.0 "might’ be reset with the next title update, nothing on whether leaderboards will be reset.


I hope so… a reset of the leaderboards is really needed…



You know what, let me tag a couple of people in here so we could get a more official response to the topic (as I am quite curious as well): @Shaners, @LadieAuPair, @Insane_521

Q: Will the leaderboards be reset with the new title update as well? If not, is it possible to have them reset?


Nooooo dont reset them plz i hv spend so much work to be Rank 1 whit Gorgon and Lennox O.O and i know a lot ppl who sadly will leave the game if it got reset because they hv spend somany time for it since release


I vote for a complete reset of rank and leaderboards.
New game( basically) new opportunities to climb to the top.


Most likely we’ll reset them




What pisses me off is that hunters will play in a group and rack wins up. This is what one of the the #1 medics did.

I’ll miss my great Emet stats, but if it stops the toxic win farming then I’ll back a wipe.


So everybody that has stayed with the game and worked their way up the leaderboards will just see it all disappear. Sounds like a good way to lose those that have kept the game alive even with all the problems since its release. I suffered the character losses glitch when the game first came out but loved the game and reunlocked them. Sadly my friends that got whacked by the glitch never came back. I don’t have the best stats in the game cuz I have to play solo in a team based game hoping I get some teammates that at least know how to play a little bit. But the way the leaderboards have been since day 1 is the stat that I have worked my way up to number 1. So even though you have been telling us for months that a fix is coming I have stayed committed to what I like to call my favorite game. A leaderboard reset is just lazy and pretty much going to convince me that a fix was a lie that I patiently waited for. I don’t like being lied to and if that’s how you are going to treat the players that have been their since the beginning then I can’t support a game like this anymore. A reset will be the bad breakup that I feared was going to come. I know the new update is focused on getting more players and I support that but you have to think about the few that have been thier since the beginning. You lose us and the game will surely die out quicker then anyone would like.


You can’t put full blame on Tara.

TU9 was suppose to be released along with EK, but due to legal issues it had to be pushed back. TRS saw this as an opportunity to rework a lot of toxic game mechanics. No one knew that TU9 was going to be this extensive, and thus no one expected a leaderboard wipe.

Technically the leaderboard is being fixed, it’s just that a wipe is also happening. If they didn’t fix the leaderboard then no one would be able to get on it, because it would still be broken.

As for you leaving because of the leaderboard wipe, I feel sorry that you are leaving because of something that isn’t very important. TU9 is fixing a whole lot of game problems as well as solving things like FT3 and God Domes, so you would be missing out on a lot of game improvements.

Unfortunately plans change, and that’s just business. It’s not like Tara withheld the information from you. She could have not said anything about a wipe and then TU9 drops and the LB is cleared. I can’t thank TRS enough for being transparent the past few months with the TU9.

The reason behind the wipe is because TU9 is changing a lot of the game, so it’s unfair to add these new leaderboard stats to the old ones, where people could have farmed to get high ranks.


It’s just frustrating I guess. I have a lot of time put in and to me the leaderboards aren’t pointless. I’m not blaming her and I’m sorry if it looked like I was. I know she is just the one relaying the message. Though it does bother me seeing messages like a leaderboard wipe is needed so current and new players can reach the top. That doesn’t make any sense. If your not a current/new player that means your not playing. Therefor not climbing the leaderboards. If somebody wants to get to the top just put the time in like I have. And one more thing. Sorry for venting again but you complained about one of the top medics playing in a group to farm wins? I wish I still had my old team playing. Of course it’s easier to get wins with a team that works together. That’s how it should be.


I am confused on how the idea of resetting the leaderboards would fix anything?

I have little to no time in this game, I played the beta and enjoyed it and when the game came out I bought it and put a few hours into it just to sit it down and not come back to it. So I personally am not affected by any of this but I do have friends who still very much enjoy this game one of which has spent a ton of time to get to and hold his current #1 rank position without having his friends there to always give him an organized and trained team but instead did it with random team members hoping for the best. I could see how he would be concerned with a leaderboard wipe.

But how does resetting everyone back to square one fix anything? You only hurt those people who have put in the time to rank up and do nothing for those who have not. The current #1 player has put hundreds of hours to get to #1 and the people who like the idea of a clean slate have only played for tens of hours you are not suddenly going to be #1. You are going to continue to put in only tens of hours and not have the skills and knowledge of the game equal to that of the top ranking players who have hundreds of hours of experience and in the end most likely end up near the same position you currently are. The players who have put in hundreds of hours will loose hundreds of hours worth of work while the players who only have tens of hours wont loose much. Of course the players who have little time into this game like the idea because they don’t loose much, this is boarder line communism in that you are taking more from the people who worked harder to earn their position just so the lower ranking and new players don’t feel bad. The main difference being that in the end no one actually gains anything and you delete a lot of players hard work.

Why is there a call for clearing the leaderboads and how is that suppose to even fix anything? Perhaps some sort of seasonal system needs to be added on top of the overall ranks. That way the players who are currently high ranked get to keep that badge of honor for all their hard work all the while adding a seasonal ladder system that the casuals won’t feel so bad about and can keep dreaming that maybe next season they will get a series of teammates who can carry them higher each time.


  What pisses me off is that hunters will play in a group and rack wins up. This is what one of the the #1 medics did.

  I'll miss my great Emet stats, but if it stops the toxic win farming then I'll back a wipe."

You are upset that other players are playing with their friends in a team?? That by them having friends who can form a well organized team and work well with each will win more is unfair?? How is that “toxic win farming”, this is a team game and you are upset that other people would actually play in a team?? Like I said earlier my friend is currently ranked #1 in one of the hunters yet he plays with random team mates. Sounds like the actual things that need to happen here is either find some friends to team up with and/or “git gud” instead of being jealous and calling for a complete wipe so you don’t feel so bad.


Also because the leaderboards are clogged up with old players who have long since left the game.

Being in a group with 3 other friends playing on quickplay is one thing, but getting a group of 5 and having the monster lose once the hunters drop is another thing.

How do I know? Because the player I have in mind has over 200 more wins than the person in second, at least in my region. I’ve been in games with that guy and his friends, and when hes medic, the monster will ack like he’s trying to win, but when I get Medic same monster goes hard ball.

  • Most players on the leaderboards are inactive.
  • TU9 is reworking the game, so adding new stats on top of the old stats isn’t fair.
  • Gives new players the chance to get on the leaderboards.

Not when the game is being completely reworked of it’s main aspects on balance.

When Evolve was launched, the balance theory was this: Hunters have the win advantage during a fight with a stage 1 monster, while monster has the win advantage at stage 3.

So that graph shows that while monster was stage 1, hunters could have a high chance of winning.

This method of balance caused FT3, because Monsters wanted to increase their chances of winning, so reaching stage 2 or 3 removed hunters advantage.

Now I brought this up because TU9 removed that balance mechanic, and are now making it is Hunters have to exchange strikes for Monster Health. This way the game isn’t monster favored.

No, as I said above:


Another thing I want is playing custom shouldn’t count as a match on the leaderboards. I’ve seen so many ‘cheaters’ on every leaderboard, sorry it’s just that I don’t trust alot of people with their score on the PS4 leaderboards Ex:

8,000 wins 248 loses W/L ratio 3.47

Not an exact score just an ex.
I’ve seen plenty like these.
So, yes, I do want a leaderboard wipe :+1:


Customs don’t count. Only ranked, quickplay and evac.

I would be a little saddened by the wipe… I’m the #3 Val on PS4. Would be #1 if it didn’t count those that only play coop evac. Those shouldn’t count.