Not related to Evolve, but to anyone living and voting in the US, you might want to see this


DISCLAIMER: this has absolutely no relation to Evolve whatsover, i m only doing this thread to raise awareness to anyone living and voting in the US, but this needs to be known, if i break any rules then forgive me for i am not aware, and even if i was aware i might still do it because i believe this to be very important, my current wish with this thread is to have a platform to share this information on

pls share this wherever you can


I think you’re allowed to talk about it. Rest easy in knowing that a Rico statute is being filed against Hillary for election fraud and if she’s guilty we should know about it.


that s why i m doing this


Their both a shit sandwich waiting to happen Donald or Hilary maybe Bernie would’ve been a great president but not going to happen. :sleeping:


True, it boggles my mind that this isn’t a bigger story. I’m not sure if it’s even 100% true, but the lawsuit is so I’m just preparing for the worst.


gotta share this because you can do something about it


I am doing something…waiting


in my opinion that s not what you should do


Understandable. Show me a petition I’ll sign it, but the case lives and dies by the lawsuit which we can do nothing about but wait


heh touché


These are the people filing the lawsuit and will be updating the site semi regularly to let everyone know what’s going on


alright that s good


To be honest, I’m not surprised for a situation like this to happen.

The Democratic Party is on edge for both candidates, so anything to rig the system tilts the favors, and with multiple people rigging the system, It’s no surprise that it would be messed up beyond belief,

As for me, I don’t care. I’m on the Trump boat because:

  • The choices for 2016 candidates are: And arrogant loudmouth, socialist with no clue how a balanced society works, or a liar who is somewhat using gender to gain the office. At least the loudmouth won’t be taken seriously, and if he does do something stupid then the impeachment is waiting for him.
  • I know people who have been abused by illegal immigrants (they abuse the law, etc, not as in domestic abuse), and it is a problem especially in my area.

I don’t want to start a political debate on this thread, so keep the topic on track of the OP. These are simply my opinions that I have backed with facts, so a debate to change my mind on it is pointless. If you disagree, move on :wink:


Political opinion drive by. I like it, but am more upset with the idea that somebody can come in and forcefully change our elections. Doesn’t matter who it is or what they stand for.


There will always be rigging with a large crowd of people. It’s just that with the 2016 elections tensions run high and people have (extreme) views on controversial stuff. Like how guns and shootings are with how Hillary wants to solve the problem, and how Bernie wants to “stabilize” the college system.

I blame the tension (Cali problem) if anything. People have stooped into an ignorant (Not willing to accept other problems as legitimate problems) state, and they will keep their ignorance, whatever the cost. Even if that means rigging and breaking the law.


do you consider illegal immigrants more important than millions of student trapped in student loan debts that goes up to the thousands ?


Two things nobody needs to talk about. Religion and politics. Let’s stay focused on election fraud. To @XplosionIncorporated’s point, Clinton is being sued for vote rigging in 11 different states, not just California.


Not really surprised tbh. Never had any faith in the electoral system. If you’re in a swing state, vote for the less evil, if not, do whatever ya like. I just hope that all the disaffected Bernie voters come away bitter, angry, and ready to do something about it. If they stay pissed past the impending Hillary presidency, we might have a real opportunity to effect some change. Maybe they’ll be seeing red.


This is the election where I am actually scared of the results due to how fragmented it is.


I’m not voting because it’s a liability. I’m just waiting to take part in the revolution that is waiting to rise