Not receiving founder status?


I purchased evolve last year and played a few games before my computer broke down. When I got a new laptop I didn’t install the game right away, and when I heard some friends got it for free I reinstalled it to play with them. I heard people who bought the game were receiving founder statuses and content, but I haven’t recieved anything :frowning:


In your Steam library, please right-click Evolve and select “Properties”. In that pop-up, go to the DLC tab and let me know if you have “Evolve Founder” listed.

Why i didnt go founder status

Only Evolve Stage 2 is there, and there is no DLC tab under properties. Just General, Updates, Local Files, Language and Betas


Do you remember where/how you purchased your copy of Evolve?


I purchased it from a Best Buy in my hometown, it came with a season pass inside but I’m not sure if I ever activated it, and I’m not sure where I would do that now if I hadn’t.


Ok, can you get me your Steam ID 64 from this website?


I’m sorry, I’m not sure where to find my normal steam ID, where would that be?


It’s the username you use when you log into Steam.


Ah my bad, thought I was looking for a number. It just keeps telling me profile not found?


Ah there we go, found it.


Ok, tagging @Gertz to this thread and he’ll have to help you moving forward.


Okay, I found the ID64 but thank you


I’m having this same issue, and will try to get you the SteamID moving forward. I picked it up through Steam originally… I think. It’s been a while. I didn’t play it much after buying, since none of my friends joined in, but now they’re coming in for the F2P, so I’m reinstalling and from your description, it seems I don’t have founder status, either. Please let me know if this thread is still active and I’ll supply SteamID. Thanks.


Should be still active, just opened it last night and waiting for support from someone she tagged.


Yeah, just need to wait. need your steam ID 64 to help you out though!


Actually, I’ve been contacted and the issue resolved, but thank you!


Wonderful! Going to go ahead and close this out then.