Not receiving any voodoo skins


So I never got any voodoo skins despite partaking events I tried unlinking and relinking, uninstall and reinstall and clearing cache, others on my console have it, and I contacted 2K support and indeed I should have both the goliath and the wraith and they havent responded for a while, you guys have any idea how to fix it?


You played online during the events? If so, you should have em


Well you did everything I would think to do. I would say at this point you are at the mercy of 2K support.


Why would you say that, man? That’s the worst way to break the news to him. :stuck_out_tongue:


@AggroDragon Same here … Also did the things you did, still no earned skins like the voodoo and the companion app skins… alrdy 10 mails between me and 2k support still no solution.