Not possible to get a game as monster. dont want to play as hunters


my experience of the online play so far is:

join lobby

wait a minute

leave lobby

wait another minute

join lobby

wait a minute

leave lobby

wasn’t like this in beta


lol i had the exact opposite, wanted to play as hunter, all rounds as monster so far and its my last preference. - PC


the preference system is stupid. you should just have first choice if you pick monster, and then if you pick the hunters you can choose not to include monster



That would be better


patience folks. As you said @avnas it wasn’t like this in Beta because the pool was pretty crowded. As more people start to play it WILL get better. By weekend we’ll all be looking back and laughing!
(I hope)


You’re most likely entering lobbies with parties, if that’s the case then you automatically become the monster every time unless there’s another solo player.


If i had to guess, it’s kind’ve early, and there aren’t a lot of people online currently. As the day wears on, and time runs around the clock, the lobbies will fill faster and the online play will get better :slight_smile:


If I was you I would just wait in the match… If it already set someone as monster, it won’t move them. The best you can do is sit through a match and hope it puts you as the monster.


I choose Monster as my #1 preference last night (as I do when my friends are not around to play with), and I played as Monster every single time I played, Hunt and Evacuation.

That never occurred in Alpha or Beta. I was pleased mostly, but wouldn’t have minded playing one or two of those games as my #2 or #3.


yeah, when i am solo queue i want monster. i dont want to play with randoms and i will leave every single time.

another bug i just found: joining game in progress and you HAVE to take over a bot. you can not go into the options menu… lol.


It’s the first day my friend don’t fret you’ll have your opportunities to play as a monster. I have had several chances and think as the community builds more people will as well.

Until then just enjoy yourself because the game is fantastic.


yeah always play the first match before leaving. id say about 90% of the time your next in line to be monster so just finish that match. im referring to games where you must take over bot. that next match you will most likely be the monster. at least for me it has been


I want the Option to join as Monster only.


I had the opposite, every match I joined I was monster! (Yay for me!)

Except for one where I popped in as maggie just as my team got rekt by a stage 3 kraken, but that ended quickly and the next game queued me as monster =D

I guess it is just RNG… I don’t know what to tell ya =\

It is healthy to play as the hunters too though, everytime I play as hunter I feel like I am the weakest on the team :stuck_out_tongue: