Not playing until the character selection glitch is fixed


Title. Games are decided just based on who you pick and what perk setup you have.

If the game will screw that up for you, then there’s nothing to see til it’s fixed.


The fix is in testing right now. Hoping to patch today or tomorrow unless something is broken in the patch.


Thank God because before I thought it was a low chance. Now I’ve gotten it 3-4 games in a row. I mean it’s not bad since the Hunter team doesn’t counter Meteor hard nor do new players have the experience to be threatening yet but this is a game-breaking bug and fun-killing.

I love Meteor as I do every Monster, however I don’t love Meteor enough to play him every match.
Especially when it screws with my perk selections as well.


I know your pain bro, but i would really like to play those characters i pay for :pensive:


ETA 30 min. Patch has been approved. :sunglasses:


Awesome news! It was a bummer that it happened 4-5 times to me today. I don’t recall it ever happening yesterday. But that’s great! I love that the patches can be released so quickly.


Yeah. This is the life! :heart_eyes_cat:


Its issues like this that make me glad we are the Super Beta Task Force becuase I know that when Console players recieve thier update that they get the best possible experience!

To me thats great! Evolve is by far one of my favorite games to date and im happy to help it with for the larger audience in mind.




The issue affects more than character selection, I hope it’s fixed overall.

It affects skin selection and perks as well.


Since the fix is inbound very shortly, I will be closing this. :slight_smile:



Patch is out now