Not many popular game critics are talking about Evolve Stage 2 :(


the only one i know that has looked and talked about Evolve stage 2 is Jim sterling, even tho he uses harsh words he s keeping it real, but why is it than nobody that reviewed the game before, aren t looking at it now ? It s not like it went unnoticed either


Probably because they know they were wrong about it original and don’t want to be proven wrong, like AngryJoe or Gameranx.


angryjoe was at tennocon so he didn t have access to anything


Eh, I wouldn’t want them to check out Stage 2 until the next patch hits and some of the more pressing bugs are sorted out.


well at least talk about it and shit


That makes sense. I don’t follow or watch game critic Youtubers, so I wouldn’t know. I prefer to make my own informed decisions. Those two just came to mind because those were the two most popular channels I know of that gave a bad review.

On a side note, I’ve never heard of TennoCon. Is that like, a Warframe convention?


yep yep that s right


Oh, that’s sick. I didn’t realize they had their own convention! Now I wanna go… ;-;


gotta wait for next year, it was on the 9th, anyway back on topic please ^^


Well, IGN did a pretty great video about it.

A few german gaming news site published articles about Evolve. Some of them were well informed and positive and some of them weren’t well informed (sb. said there are no gameplay changes, just f2p).

The IGN video is the best informed bit about Evolve Stage 2 I have seen so far.

In the end it doesn’t even matter. If players enjoy the game, it will automatically have great word-of-mouth advertising and will grow. If players don’t enjoy it, advertising won’t help either. They will just leave it.


LOL, youtubers…the cancer of 21th century, like social networks aswell. Just leave them with their rants, while they pose like stars in front of webcams. Don’t bother yourself.


Just saw the vid. I like how he says actually.


Jim sterling kept nagging about the past. Not only that, the gameplay he shows was just bad (I mean, he was bad as a player).

I really don’t get how this guy gets to do reviews and have so many viewers.


EatMyDiction1 is on this shit like flies.