Not lying but why!?


Why since the latest update is Goliath 10 times stronger wtf fix it soon!!!
Like in nest and hunt he’s unstoppable at any stage help?
Im even a great gamer :<


Goliath received a slight nerf to his traversal, nothing else.


I’d say It’s you or the goliath.
He was nerfed, not buffed.


If anything Monsters have only been nerfed…Heavy attacks are now less frequent and they don’t flow and GOliath’s stamina was nerfed.


Lol they made him worse…


A friend of mine feels like Goliath has gotten stronger again too - he credits it to the most recent round of Sunny nerfs putting her nearer to where she should be. Could be that hunters are closer to balanced now.


Maybe its just some people having this Glitch cause i have 3 star hunters and im a great gamer no lie but he is a butthole to face now honestly,id ratherf ight all 3 monsters at once than face him!


Have you met kraken yet?


Yeah i love facing him/her/it its my favorite but has a high resistance why??


Eh I faced him a couple times when I was playing Parnell for the challenge, he didn’t seem any harder than previously. None of us were playing our usual roles (switching it up for funsies) and we still didn’t have too much trouble.


Goliath received a nerf bro. I don’t know where you are getting Goliath being buffed from. :confused:


Come on, really?


Sorry. I’ll edit. I’m just getting tired of uninformed complaint threads.


He just joined yesterday. :wink:


That better?


…I see. <bbbbbbbbb


Honestly, monsters are weaker than hunters. It doesn’t work well, when you’re balancing for pug matches. Uncoordinated teams, and they are balancing around that for 50% win/loss ratio on hunters/monsters. Then they nerfed his traversals by 2 seconds in combat. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have that much trouble with him.