Not leaving the postgame screen grants a loss


Under suggestions because it’s not a bug.

Today earlier I won a match as Goliath, and I had just seen the “Monster Wins” screen when I got an emergency call and I had to leave immediately. I didn’t have time to do anything but grab my keys and shoes.

So when I got back a while later, it was on the title screen saying “You’ve been kicked for being idle too long.” Sure enough, when I checked, I had been given a loss as Goliath.

Before the match:

After the match:

As you can see, still zero deaths.

As further proof I gained very few keys between these two screenshots, for what it’s worth.

I just think it was a bit unfair to be given a loss for this- that being said, I really don’t care; it’s in beta and I can deal with not having a spotless record.

I just figured it’s something you may want to change.

To clarify;

I won a match as monster but got a loss because I was idle in the postgame screen for too long since I had an emergency to see to, where it shows you your damage and keys earned, etc, for too long. May want to change that.



Its all legit unfortunatly. After a period of time it puts you back into q so always always go back to first screen.
I had this too , playd left it on continue screen came back 10mins latter i was in a game just standing taking punches. Im not shure but there is no tooltip that you will be placed back into q however on left top side there is a little clock saying X seconds till next round if ppl stay in loby.

Your golly stats are wrecked permananatly.


Oh. So it puts you back into the queue then? It never has for me, it just sticks in that till I leave.


dont qote me but i believe thats what happened


If you do nothing it should put you back in the queue for the next match and that’s when you would have been kicked.

I have small kids so this happens to me as well, but it’s legit as far as I know.


One issue though.

Assuming I got back into the queue and into a game as Monster; doesn’t it kick you at the pregame selection if you don’t do anything for a while?

And then even if that wasn’t the case; it would have defaulted me to the current free rotation monster, wouldn’t it have? And that’s Elder Kraken. Who I have unlocked, so it would’ve selected him for me.


Curiouser and curiouser… @Insane_521 @mizx Any ideas?


when ever i play monster i get auto selected my last played monster