Not just a Behemoth



we were tracking the one then out of NO where a SECOND BEHEMOTH attacked us from behind.

now since many were talking about have 2 monsters vs the hunters… fuck me… 2 monsters are insane…got ripped to shred in seconds! even the monster player was messaging us if we were seeing the same thing as he was. and yea we saw two of these massive guys trampling all over us


omg i need to see this


I have now uploaded the video. i only got to capture the end of the slaughter of our poor trapper being gang raped by two behemoths.



This bug is probably known by the devs…we did see a video of two Krakens and duo Wraiths that even could communicate with each other. Even so, tagging @MacMan and @MrStrategio .


This happened to me too, except I was one of them.


It says “Behemoth Tag Team” at the end on the right side of the screen???


yea, since they were wailing on us haha


Jesus christ. How horrifying.

It makes me wonder if a behemoth minion is possible.