Not having any idea what monster you're going to fight is a problem


I understand that they don’t want people deliberately counterpicking, but everyone going in blind results in some pretty awful games. Try playing Lazarus/Lennox/Hyde against a Kraken, for example. Or anyone who relies on harpoons against wraith. I think that the Monster should pick first, just hear me out.

Yes, some hunters do better against certain monsters. But there are certain monsters that almost completely cancel out some hunters. Harpoons do nothing againts a Wraith, and just the altitude of the Kraken makes two of Lennox’s abilities (her first and second most damaging, respectively) prohibitively difficult to land. None of the hunters counter a monster that hard. The monster chosen ought to be displayed first so that none of the hunters get completely screwed over.


Never will happen. You could counter pick easy, would take twice as long to start up the game and is no fair to the monster?

If hunters pick Val, Sunny, Griffin and the monster has picked Goliath… the monster player would argue the same thing you have, they want to see hunter picks so they don’t get screwed over by not seeing the hunter picks?

Part of the game is a little bit of luck in character picks.


It would definetely be unfair if the hunters know which monster they play against and can choose which hunter to play to counter that monster, but I agree that some monsters especially kraken pretty much take away some hunter abilities.


And how is it fair now? I pick lennox, I have a 1/6 (lets be honest it’s more like 1/3) chance to be borderline useless. At lease goliath can still land his abilities if he has some people who are better against him.


As long as no1 got an awesome solution it shouldnt be changed as it would give an enormous advantage to one side


They could try picking in order, much like most competitive tourneys.
Something like support trapper monster medic assault, or whatever order you want


Yeah I don’t really have a solution either : /

I guess matches will just have to suck sometimes.


nvm this guy has a better solution.


They could add the same system they used in Tournies. Hunters pick 2, Monster picks, Hunters pick final 2.

However I would only recommend this feature for Ranked Mode.

EDIT: DAMN @Jayrob2k72 NINJA’D ME!


As much as this is a great idea it wont work in pubs which is what I assume @Fanfiction is referring to due to a number of reasons such as picking characters in time requirements before the game starts and little to no co-ordination (picking val, find out support wants to go cabot and needing to change medic). Competitive is a little different as you can watch past streams of top monsters and know their mains or have previously fought them and know what monster they are likely to pick anyway and counter pick.


True, but maybe just make the pick order support trapper monster medic assault.

I agree it has flaws, but even if you put a 20-30 timer on picks, then 1 minutes after all picks are done to choose perks etc.

It’ll make the games a tad bit longer, but still not 20 minutes.


Character select would be like


Don’t pick Lennox… Lennox is very strong against 3/6 monsters and weak against 1, barely playable against the other 2.

I watched a game the other day with a competitive team didn’t take a single strike and walked a competitive player Goliath and killed it stage 1 without it having over 3/4 of his evolve bar. I am telling you it is a joke.


The core problem is that some monsters very nearly hard-counter some hunters. You don’t have the same problems the other way around. Some hunters are stronger against some monsters, but they don’t for instance completely negate half of the monsters abilities.

It’s poor design, to be honest, and considering they didn’t change it all through OG Evolve, and failed to change it for Stage 2 (which would have been the time to do it), I guess we’re stuck with imperfect balance by design.


You can’t expect players in quick play to pick within 20 or even 30 seconds, way too many will end up random picks due to not having enough time. Even with this order, I pick Cabot, medic picks Val we are screwed and I can’t change to Hank like I could with the normal set up for character select. Competitive is different, teams know what to pick and communicate.


I think that in stage one we might have been able to look up prominent monster players, but with the huge increase in playerbase I suspect we may see a larger pool of “casual” ranked players who just want to ensure they are playing with people of their skill level.


Well he has been around a lot longer than most of you. He knows the game inside and out.


Yeah. Again, there’s no perfect solution, at least that I can see. But I think there must be a way to improve it a bit.


Oh my god I love that gif.

How about this: You get to pick in a certain order but more importantly you get to ban also. That way the monsters and the hunters don’t get countered to hard!


@Me_anwaclan_tk is unfortunately right, after thinking about it.

Honestly, as a legacy player with lots o time in the game, you’ll eventually learn how to use your skill set against any monster. Yesssss some will be tougher, and in the case of Laz vs Meteor Goliath, almost useless, you’ll get a feel.

I mained Hyde for a very very very long time, he can be very difficult against kraken, especially if minigun game is off, but over time I figured out a plays tyke to counter him.

It’s also very difficult in this game for random public parties, and in legacy, you can be somewhat of a hero, I don’t know if that’s true in stage 2.

I’m not saying git gud, I’m saying along the way, you’ll keep perfecting.