Not getting how Daisy works

It’s weird. Sometimes she seems to be pointing at where the monster is, but other times I check with the scan and she’s going in a totally wrong direction.

I’d like to get how Daisy works cause otherwise I don’t have much reason to play Maggie instead of Griffin since his harpoons don’t need to be deployed and his gun is way more accurate without the need for burst fire.

Daisy goes directly for the Monster in the shortest possible route as determined by the AI controlling her.

That is how she works and how I’ve always found it working.

I don’t think Daisy does work anymore. I used to main Maggie and basically Daisy is supposed to be like the planet scanner. You check her when you’re not sure where the monster went, but otherwise she’s useless because following the monster directly will never be enough to catch him. Now, though, the AI just kinda derps out constantly. She constantly latches on to different hunters and takes forever to stop and point towards the monster because she can’t seem to make up her mind about what she’s doing. I wouldn’t even bother with her tbh.

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So basically Maggie as a whole is useless. Cause if Daisy is taken out of the equation, then I’d better off using Griffin over her.

I wouldn’t say that. Maggie has the second best cc in the game, with some decent damage. She’ll always be a solid pick, it’s just that Daisy (like all ai in this game) is unreliable trash.

What’s the significant advantage of her harpoons over Griffin’s? As Griffin, I don’t need to deploy them, nor do I risk that they get destroyed by monsters’ abilities.

Well you can apply damage while harpooning, for one thing. Griffin has to choose between firing his smg and having his harpoon gun out, waiting for an opportune moment. When he’s doing that, he’s neither applying cc or damage. With Maggie, you can do both.

She also is much better at keeping people alive, as her harpoons don’t have as much downtime since there are three of them. Another advantage of Maggie over Griffin is ease of use. Griffin has to be pretty damn accurate on the harpoon gun, and has to wait for good moments to use it, then suffer a long reload time.

That’s not to say Griffin is useless, though. He provides decent survivability to his teammates in dome, asking with more control than Maggie. His biggest strength, though, comes after the dome drops and the monster tries to flee. The range of his harpoon allows him to keep snagging the monster as he tries to run, granting indispensable chip damage. So they both have their uses!

From experience with Daisy, she waits for the person at the back, and seems to follow where Maggie is going rather than after the monster. I think how Daisy’s been worked now is that she’s an extra CC for the team - she helps speed up those lagging behind with her speed boost, and helps up downed hunters. When she’s the last one standing she can be a bit derpy though.

Ok those sound like fair points. So I just have to accept that my early tracking as Maggie sucks? Hm.

There should be a self-destruct button for Daisy

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Daisy works better than most players give credit for.

The problem is most try to “follow” her - but due to her pathing it can be difficult to really grasp what she’s actually trying to do at times


Is to open your mini map.

Watch the direction daisy is facing most of the time. Seriously it sounds too simple - but it really is that easy. She does spend most of her timing pointing right at the monster like a mini mobile permanent planet scanner. The best part is all players can do this. You can use her to get a beat in the monster no matter who she’s with / following / leading.

Give it a try. Don’t pay attention to daisy in the game - just watch her on the map.

Huh, I never tried that in s2.

That’s what I do. The problem remains.

I can’t but agree with those who say Daisy is unreliable. Therefore I really feel like Maggie fairs better in the dome than outside of it, and ain’t that good of a tracker. Which is a shame cause it’s obvious that her concept IS to be a good tracker.

Daisy will also sniff the ground when the Monster is sneaking, so you can watch her and usually predict a monster doubling back if you catch her doing that.

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