(NOT FULLY RIP) Legacy Evolve Multiplayer


Well, it seems someone pulled the plug for the last legacy evolve server, which was the reason we could still find random players/matches at lagacy. Now, connection to your online profile isn’t possible anymore.

For me, the custom games with friends only are no alternative, as i never get enough players together. It was always nice to find some random people for playing, when searching for it.

Its very sad … 2K could just let this one little server tool keep running so everyone would be able to find random matches, the legacy multiplayer games itself works P2P completly, so it should not had hurt 2K that much … but it seems now its over completly :frowning:


Well, they were able to fix the issue last time, so perhaps they can fix this new issue as well. I’ve sent a message to 2K support, but maybe @Wes could poke them again as well? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes would be great, maybe i was too quick, as i thought the statement of 2K was about shutting down many services. But if i read it again, is says:


Peer-to-peer multiplayer: Players will be able to team up and play against each other through peer-to-peer matchmaking. Players are also able to use the party-up feature to create games.

Quick Play
- Hunt
- Nest
- Rescue
- Defend
- Arena
Custom games

So, it clearly says peer-to-peer matchmaking and Quick Play. So they should fix this issue, i hope they will again!

EDIT: Matchmaking is still possible! I just tried to login, it fails. Than try to click on “Multiplayer” and the next say “no” again if it wants to re-connect.

Now you can select “Quick Play”, it searched for players and i found some. So, seems to be still ok, but you has to go through the steps and dont give up!


(In order to connect now as of Sept. 13th) Open game, Hit Start to log in…let it fail. Hit Multiplayer or Solo to run your games. If Multiplayer, select “No” when it asks if you want to server connect.



Confirming what @DarkWG said. When you get to this dialog:


Select “No”.


2K did exactly what they said they’re going to do. Ranked/Badges/Leaderboards are gone, they just haven’t done it until recently. The customs we’ve been playing thus far still work the same.



But I am still hearing that people are able to get into random games…not all customs.