Not fair :(


so i m behemoth against a maggie val torvald and sunny, i take my usual route just fine and then i get found at stage 1 and dome, i manage to survive and down the medic at least then i m on the run for at least 15 min at stage 1, i wasn t able to make enough distance to safely evolve ( i had the 75% bonus in smell range perk) so i had to run and fight, i got domed at least three times and manage to down the medic and trapper at least 2 times so i make a bit of distance and manage to evolve at stage 2, and it s the same again a bit on the run i never get enough armor so that s that, on the run i managed to incap the assault and the support at least once and later on i manage to incap the trapper and the medic but the support used the invis and i lost track of the rest so i decide to go feed and armor up and maybe evolve, but by the time i finished looking for food the timer is at 00:30 seconds and i didn t know where to look to find the hunters and because of that i lost a game which i struggled surviving and winning (at this point i was certain to win) but i couldn t because of the goddamn timer, it s really not cool


Ok this problably might get me kicked off of forums for some reason but. Really what you saw happen was the timer doing its job and well the hunters won fair and square you didnt follow supports prints thats your fault. Second counting how many down penalties you put on em theres really no reason why you lost (unless you had extremely low health) third too bad they where a good hunter team and they did too well . Oh and might i add did you sneak, evade birds, get to a safe spot to evolve . Btw knowing theres 30 sec on the clock shouldve give you more than enough time to go stage 3 and defeat the relay or draw out support even if your too far USE the movement ability to get there!


And plus im sorry bub but your not gonna win 100% of the time thanks to game balancing


Yeah, sounds like you lost a hard-fought game. It happens. Just try and learn from your mistakes and hopefully it will tip your way next time.


It took me a while to think of time as another opponent in the game. Sounds like you’ve got the skills to recover from bad situations, now just practice evolving a bit faster. The feeding speed perk might help you save time while the stamina perk can help you bolt to a place to safely evolve when an early dome goes down. If you are ready to evolve when you are domed, don’t armor up again after you run, you will just lose it when you evolve.


cough daisy cough behemoth is too slow while sneaking so even if i managed to juke them a little i would have been caught


Well im sorry but even then a monster who knows what hes doing would kill daisy instantly and most of the time if trapper takes more than 1 down penalty that trapper is mostlikely noobie who doesnt follow daisy and even then if he was a pro monsters are (all of them! mind you ) can pull jukes quite easily. I dont need to continue . Game balance , thats all im saying


Sorry for my last reply being scatter brained but still you get the idea


So, this sounds really rough. Although I’m certain that you’re not really looking for tremendous feedback, I have a few thoughts for you.

  1. A lot of people really like the rock wall ability. At level 3, you can literally rock wall yourself into a corner and evolve in combat. This can get you a TON extra hitpoints, and if you’ve punished them with a few deaths etc… this might be optimal to extend a good battle. It’s VERY situational though.
  2. The timer only goes down when there’s no combat going on. So literally, you must have spent some time fleeting without engagement. I feel your pain, I had the same thing happen to me once. But the hunters (even when invisible) leave footprints to follow. they glow red.
  3. If you’re sure someone invis is about, use your tongue to browse the area. It will alert you when you are going to attach to someone, even if they’re invisible.

I hope these feedbacks help. I know any match with sunny and torvald can be challenging.


Really? That seems broken. Hard to abuse, possibly, but broken nonetheless…


Sounds like a good close game those are best!


It’s true, and I agree…


When you downed the trapper… make sure she/he stays dead. If you kill the trapper off completely, you can easily evolve and run away with only a bit of health damage if a hunter is nearby, since they cannot trap. I love killing off the trapper for that reason. The hunters simply cannot cause large amounts of damage for a long amount time since they can’t restrict your movement. Try doing that, and I am sure you’ll be able to able to evolve with more time and space to breathe before being harassed again. I have never had time out lost, but I always try to make sure I have a decent amount of evolve meter before getting close to the match, so I can just get to stage 3 if I need to, and wail on the relay to keep the timer going.


yes but the ending is really really anti climatic


Timer loves you, but it doesn’t want you running for 20 minutes. O.o


Yes, it is rather anticlimactic but I’m afraid this was a fair victory for the Hunter team. If they kept you running at Stage 2 for fifteen minutes, that’s their win. They deserve it.

Is it fun? Not necessarily, but it was fair.


The timer only stops in combat if there are only 2min or left to play