Not enough silver ranked players in hunt 2.0

i cant find a game worth my time in hunt mode because there arnt enough silver ranked players, what do you plan to do about the disparity TRS?

just give people time to get there ranking. it’s not even here for a week dude!

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I got up to Silver for about 3-4 matches as a hunter, then got pub-stomped back to Bronze. While i was silver, I don’t think I connected to a single silver player, only bronze and undetermined.

Erm… There’s plenty on PC as far as I’ve seen. Idk what platform you’re on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

smh :confused:

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xb1, i dont have a pc to support gameplay at the moment.

Aaah… How strange.

i got to silver elite the first night it came out as a monster, but i suppose your right. also refrain from using “!” when talking to me, thank you.

Whats wrong with an exclamation mark o.O?


Lol. I was wondering that too.

theres no need for it, you could get your point across with out it.

Perhaps he likes to use proper punctuation. Lol. Idk I’m being sarcastic of course.

But thats like telling someone to not use “.” because you can get your point across without one of those, too.

Anywho, I’ll let your topic get back ontrack.


Are you a Monster player or Hunter?
I play on XB and am Silver, along with almost all of my friends. There are quite a lot of people there already and as a Hunter I haven’t had problems. Not sure yet about the Monster side since I haven’t played it on ranked yet.

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I haven’t either. As monster or Hunter.

i main monster! :smiley: i am looking for a group of people to hunt with if you want to try me out! :smiley:

you slacker!

Lol. I’m done with my placements lol. I meant I haven’t had any trouble finding silver players. I am silver skilled Hunter.

And crappy bronze something monster

The only problem I’m having is as a monster trying to find hunters to match against :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know the feels!