Not enough Hunter players to support Monster player populations?


One thing that has me thinking is whether or not there will be enough hunter players to support players that want to play as monster.

Essentially you need 80% of the player populations to be qued up as hunters. Otherwise you will have a lot of monster players waiting for long periods to get in a game. I have a feeling players wanting to play as monster will be much higher than 20%.

Of course we don’t know the details on the match making system or other modes, so this may or may not be a problem, but just going off with what we know this seems like a glaring issue. Thoughts?


My guess is that all of the people will be put into one big pool, then split up into lobbies of 5 people, and then a monster is randomly chosen from there. At least, that’s what common sense would tell me. I assume there would be about 30-60 seconds to set up your preferred loadout before each map after the monster is decided.


Don’t forget bots will be able to fill empty spots, but they did say the monster would be decided round robin style


I will play 99% of my time as Hunters, but only if I can actively play with my friends as them. Hope that you can really choose what you want to play and aren´t forced into a specific side.


Didn’t one on the devs say there was a preference system? So you choose what your #1 preference is and then the same for 2,3,4 and 5. So I’m guessing if you want to play as a monster and there aren’t enough hunters then you’ll just be put in your #2 preference


I don’t think you will ever be forced into monster, somewhere a dev has said it’s currently assigned round robin style around the lobby, my hope would be that you can “pass” on it as it’s the “special” role. Only one person can play it so why give it to someone who would rather not have it.

Just have an option or dialog “You have been chosen to be monster”

“Select Monster” or “Pass monster on to another player”.

Picking classes I think is going to be more complicated overall. If it’s random, hopefully players can trade by talking to each other. Kind of like in League of Legends, trading champions. You’d click on something and it would inform them you want to trade roles and they could accept or decline.

Personally I want to play everything in this game. I think all the roles look fun since the new hunters (Hyde and Bucket sold me on Assault and Support) and the monster is sure to be a blast. Long as I have a good chance to play different things all the time, I’ll be happy.


Not every class is as simple as another one…

I mean, playing assault might be easier than a good Griffin traper, or a good Lazarus medic…
But I don’t worry, this will make every hunt unique !..


Another thing to point out is that an average match lasts about 12 minutes and there are 5 roles so you should be able to play all 5 classes in an hour which sounds reasonable to me


While I want to jump in and give the the exact details of how we plan on tackling this, I also don’t want to jump the gun in terms of what we will be diving into in the next couple of months. What I will say is that as we designed out this process we tested multiple scenarios leveraging round robin, voting, role preferences, and randomization.

Having played many other games that have dealt with different types of asymmetrical matchmaking/preferences, I think the solution we came up with for Evolve will give players what they want with the least amount of friction as possible.


Always good to know you guys are 20 steps ahead of us lol


Will everyone be able to see who’s what before the match starts? I mean will you know what kind of monster you will be hunting?


There was an image showing a “ready room” of the game in which you could see who played what.
But this could change…


I hope this changes because if certain hunters end up being good against certain monsters, I think you’ll get people playing chicken with each other, pretending they are going to play one thing, then change at the last second.


Great to hear PT. It does inspire a lot of confidence to read that you guys have looked at this so thoroughly already.

[quote=“FrontlinerDelta, post:13, topic:579, full:true”]
I hope this changes because if certain hunters end up being good against certain monsters, I think you’ll get people playing chicken with each other, pretending they are going to play one thing, then change at the last second.[/quote]

I agree. Played plenty of games where these types of shenanigans happen regularly. Maybe only show what class a player has chosen (medic, trapper, monster, ect…) but not the specific character or monster type.


Or maybe the hunters can see who other hunters will be but not see the monster character and the monster can’t see who he/she is facing


That´s the way to go I think.


i totally agree with @Brandini on this one. I’ve seen to many games where they play musical characters, until the last second and usually leaving one side with the advantage. I really hope this wont be a issue with Evolve.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think that the “musical chairs” thing would happen. I imagine the monster would have to change its strategy rather than itself depending on who it’s up against.

For example, it the monster is Goliath, and you’re playing against Maggie, you’d change your strategy, and not necessarily yourself, so to speak.

If it’s Griffin, you’d change your strategy again. I think it’ll be easier to decide/understand once there are more monsters shown, since maybe some will be better (or worse) against certain characters. I think we’d need someone from the dev team to give us a better idea from the information we know already


While I certainly hope that’s how it will turn out, I’m still a little worried that with how different the hunters are from each other and potentially how different the monsters are going to be, that some sort of “meta” game is going to emerge.

I hope you’re right Plaff, that it doesn’t happen and maybe it won’t happen right away. Just don’t want any kind of situation to emerge where you see a monster and go “Oh I should play Hunter X because they are more effective against Goliath!”.


Nah I know what you mean. It could easily happen. Maybe they just keep changing as a result of the opposing team changing. Then that’d keep going until the timer ran out.