Not dropping in on 1st drop ship bug xbox


Starting a match sometimes 1 or 2 people will not fall with us and die/get strikes on hunt. I believe its been recorded a long time ago but, its still with us so I’m still reporting it again months later.

Is this being fixed in the upcoming patch or should I still count on half my team starting the match with strikes in hunt?


Are they teleporting out of the map when they drop in?


They said they were stuck on the drop ship. Then died.


I remember getting this in the alpha and beta as well as near release


That must have sucked. Hasn’t happened to me before.

Summoning the balance wizards (or witch, I guess?)@Insane_521 @LadieAuPair


Thx. My tablet hates tagging for some reason.


Are you in mobile view? When I was in PC mode I couldn’t tag either.


Probably PC. How do I change it?

Edit: found mobile view


Press on the 3 bars at the top right. On the bottom you should see mobile view. You might have to get used to it but it’s a lot cleaner looking than PC if you are using a phone or tablet.


The reason this has happened to me in the past is because my PC was kind of slow and couldn’t keep up with the game. I’d sit there with a black screen while everyone was watching the dropship intro and whatnot, and after a bit of delay I’d be in the game, however, I hadn’t loaded in where the dropship dropped people, sooo I was outside/under the map, and then death >:l

It might not be the same cause, however a struggling PC with low specs might cause it.


Xbox, I fixed the title, sorry


…Oh. Derp! Nevermind me then :smiley:


Hey NP, appreciate the input. Its frustrating to give the monster a handicap that big when he’s already several ranks higher than you lol. And playing the current Kraken. So anything to help.


Heh. We restarted a game for a monster who came in mid-game. And when that game happened, I had that bug, instadeath. We voted to restart and he said no, naturally it was kraken. :smiley:


Of course they didn’t restart.

Doesn’t help that hunt doesn’t have restart match -.-


this can occur if there’s some kind of server lag