Not divided about Evolve


Hi lovely people

I came back after I was sort of forced to play “The Division” :sob:

Thank god there is Evolve

Here are some things I noticed, having played the game on its release back in March 2015

It seems that the graphics got some polish

Hyde’s flame thrower looks better
Other Hunter’s flashlight beams can be seen
Some foliage’s reaction to contact with characters is more detailed
Overall some lighting and particle effects from the PC version were added

Also sound issues were finally fixed!
Maggie’s smg sound now works and Markov’s too and I think even Hank’s plasma cutter now sounds properly


To improve performance some things have been discarded though:
The invisibility shader effect from support class and Laz is gone and has been replaced by a simple outline of the character model, which I assume is less taxing on hardware.
Also, killed wildlife now “plops” into a state in which its no longer a physics entity, I guess that’s also to free up some cpu power.

I must say that Evolve has never looked this good and I think it is the best looking title on xbox one. Both technically and artistically.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see some free characters and monsters, like rogue val and meteor goliath and elder kraken.

From the T5 hunter lineup, I think I like Kala best… what does she do? It seems like she can ignore the monster’s shield altogether?

So excited about this game again. :grin:


glad to see ppl back

yeah Kala can remove the Monster Armor for a short time so ur team can make some health damage pretty usefull whit a good assault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So there are now adaptations of Goliath (Meteor Goliath) and Kraken (Elder Kraken) as well as all the Tier 1 hunters. Did you know that the devs have confirmed that at the very least all the Tier 2 hunters are being worked on right now to have adaptations, and that Wraith should get it’s adaptation in the future too?

Cool! Her beam basically reduces the monsters armour to zero, temporarily, while it’s on the monster. Once it’s off (or has run out of capacity) the monster armour goes back to it’s original value. Her beam also deals some health damage at the same time, not much, but it’s nice it does something.


There are more visual clean-ups in the summer update! Foliage won’t be as obstructing and clutter is being cleaned up so it doesn’t get in the way of hunter jetpacks and such.

These are “adaptations” or “variations” of existing hunters. There are currently plans to have one for every T1 and T3 hunter! We currently have Rogue Val, Blitz Markov, Tech Sgt Hank, Wasteland Maggie, Elder Kraken, and Meteor Goliath. We’ve been teased the names of some T2 and T3 characters to be “E Griffin,” “C Bucket,” and possibly “Q Caira.”

Kala has an Armor Reducer that temporarily removes the monster’s armor while the beam is on him, allowing direct health damage. It does minor damage itself as well.

She has Teleportation Pads that can move Hunters from Pad A to Pad B. Very using for cutting the monster off or saving a teammate or defending the relay.

Lastly, she has Siren Missiles, which work similarly to Kraken’s Banshee Mines.

Edit: Double-ninja’d. :yum:


Love it when people come back to realise the good the game has done. Well I hope you enjoy it although the changes will be far more drastic this summer as far as the community is aware so look forward to that! :DD


On that note, since it’s easy to miss now, here’s a list of most of what we already knew about the TU9 update (the next major patch) from Dev comments on the forum…

And keep an eye on this thread for information from the newly promoted lead designer on Evolve and the balance team on things that are coming up sooner even than that



I feel sorry for you having to endure that steamy dog turd known as The Division. Ubisoft certainly messed that one up didn’t they?


Oh really, but what is the point of those adaptations? To make it more likely that any player gets some character they can sort of identify with?

I do have to admit though, that the different loadouts of the adaptations are welcome.
I would like a Caira adaptation with better healing nades and something that deals a bit more damage than the fire nades


yeah… friends bought it talked me into buying and playing it too, because for them, Evolve is “too far out” apparently

Actually the game is not messed up, it works pretty well, close to Destiny’s standards. But it tries to be Destiny in all other respects as well, minus creative ideas and minus interesting and changing locations and events.

In The Division, you shoot the same people in the same places over and over again and while enemies being bullet sponges made halfway sense in Destiny, it turns ridiculous if you’re up against human enemies and results in some unintentional situational comedy, it just looks stupid.
The game idea is stupid and far out as well.
An epidemic apparently turns decent people into mindless looting killing monsters in a matter of days. And then those enigmatic Division agents, who are basically just regular people having had no combat training whatsoever and might be in the middle of operating a cash register when the call comes “Hello, it fills me with joy to grant you a licence to wander NYC on foot like a hobo, buy guns to shoot people in the streets in an utterly politically correct way because JUSTICE… Have fun yous!”

"And if you grow tired of that we have “the dark zone” made and ready for you where we trick you with randomly generated loot to explore concrete tunnels where metro wagons lie abondoned and because we can, we’ll drop an extra hippy dippy piece of loot right between you ravenous soulless players and watch while you massacre each other because greed and because JUSTICE. If you have any questions please do not call us, because we are busy putting markers on the map where it says “downloadable paid content to be deployed here whenever we feel like it” and generally we don’t give a damn about your time or your money or whether you are generally satisfied with your life and the way things turn out for you.

So long story short, yeah… it’s a piece of dung


I’ve played it, almost all of the story, some co-op stuff and a little bit in the Dark Zone. None of it was super appealing, the shooting felt stale, and annoying you had to dump a full mag into a guy to kill him. None of the missions were any good and it was basically a game of “Fetch the Stick, Stupid” The Dark Zone is horrible, and unbalanced where unless you go in there in a massive group, you are not getting anything of any value. Add this to the mountain on bugs and glitches, and the fact that you are always at the mercy of Ubisoft servers, which do not have a solid track record. Also as of late Microsoft has been having a lot of issues keeping XBL running so you can’t even play your games then. No thank you, when I buy a game I expect to be able to play it when I want, and you know, buy it, not this renting thing that The Division is.
So really, another game from Ubisoft that looked great at E3, but was not delivered as advertised.


? That’s the 1st I’ve heard of this. Do you think her name would be Queen Caira, Quintessential Cara, or maybe Quarantine Caira? :caira_cute:


I honestly think it’s Quantum Caira. And yeah, the tease was pretty subtle - if it was a real tease. Hard to tell with Squirrel sometimes. :yum:


Okay to be fair it was pretty accessible, what I liked about it was how easy it was to play coop, drop in, drop out. With Evolve it’s often a waiting game unless I use quickplay and then I also don’t get to play the game exactly how I want, I have to make do with what role I’m assigned… then again this can be part of the fun sometimes.

There is a trend in games that I don’t like and Destiny started it: Getting rid of a plot and having more of a “back story” instead, which is basically a flimsy excuse to run and gun about in a location you don’t really care about meeting characters you don’t give a damn about, because that’s what stories do, they make us care about a place and a purpose and characters.
All of the immersion and sense of continuity that comes with good storytelling is getting replaced by a lootcentric approach to rewarding the player. So it’s become less about the journey but more about the reward, which is sad on so many levels, because it fosters greed. Sure now I get to “write” my own story. But that story is always I went to place x and did y and got item z. Which is a pretty bad and forgettable story if you ask me.

If compared to the Evolve universe it is ridiculous how forgettable and uninspired titles like The Division seem to be. Some people might praise “the future of video games” as Destiny so boldly suggested, but if I am lured by loot to come back to a game because I need to instead of wanting to, something is definitely off.


Yea, and it’s been happening a lot in other games and such too. Storytelling, characters, campaigns all cost money, and developers don’t want to spend any money on it now. So we are seeing a lot more MP only games with little to no story, that a 3 year old could have written. Characters that mean absolutely nothing to anyone, and gameplay/modes that were “innovative” 20+ years ago.


Well, you say “don’t want”, and the reality may be closer to “can’t”.

The cost of gaming has, in real terms, fallen over the years. The cost of producing them has risen and risen, expectations keep rising, and yet the cost of games has remained relatively static to the consumer.

As a group of enthusiasts we need to be asking ourselves what it is we want, if it is fuller more fleshed out games then we need to ask ourselves if we’re willing to pay for it.

Of course we’re pretty enthusiastic fans of at least Evolve so the answer for us specifically may be yes, but the wider population feels like they will generally say no… they want to pay less if anything.


This is true, but some developers still do it, and they report success from the game, so I don’t know. Though it is harder now, and more costly, so maybe smaller companies can’t afford to do it, but then on the same note, they can’t just throw out this crap MP only game that drops off the radar in 2 months, that way they just prolonged their own demise. Personally I would rather spend a little more to get a good game with good story and characters, as I generally only play SP now. Though I am definitely in the minority with this right now.


God how do you notice all that change from back then like are you superman?lol.Graphics look the same to me on ps4 nothing noticeably different other than the flashlight.

On a side note when you comeback to something after a long time mr placebo comes out of your head and makes you believe somethings have changed when your just readjusting again to that game.


Yeah my gawd The Divison was a bore completed it played quite a while on it too but it’s just like a 3rd person in a reality world of Destiny,grind grind grind…oh my dps has gone up by 10 wooooo!