Not connecting to PSN


For some reason the game is saying that I’m not connected to PSN, even though I’m able to play online in any other game and connect to the store.

PS4 - Sign in to psn issue - SOLVED
Cant play evolve multiplayer. PS4

A Friend get the same Message in Evolve. He ist able to Play other Games Online. Try to restore your License? When my Friend is tyring to do that he gets an Error that one License can’t be restored!

Nobody has a Solution for that!


I ve got the same proble! It says I’m not connected to psn but I definitely am cause I play any other games too. What can I do? Please help me as soon as possible


Create a Bug Ticket/Report for Evolve. If you look here at Contact Us there is a link to create a Bug Ticket/Report! If enough People report this Problem to Turtle Rock Studios maybe they will try to solve the Problem much faster.

Try to restore your License?


I already did. I even got support by Sony directly. They restored my databank in a secue environment.


Did they solve your Problem?

My Friend reinstalled /formated the PS4. After that the Problem with the License was solved.

He installed Evolve and the Patch again but it didn 't help. He gets the same Message again…


YES, I DID! Nothing seams to fix this bug! Even initialising my ps4 didnt fixed it! at least we found out that it isnt a sony related problem! it an game related problem, so turtlerock must find a solution for this!


So I finally figured out what my problem was, it ended up being an internet connection issue. Turtlerock and Sony were both helpful but in the end it was neither of their faults. Turtlerock did suggest changing from NAT type 2 to type 1, but that would remove my PS4 from behind the firewall.


ok. and that did the trick? just changing the nat type?


I can’t really say that changing the NAT type would fix it, I had been having internet issues for a while and had already scheduled to change my provider so when that changed I was able to play games online again. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


Thank you for that Info. I hope it works.


Hello again,

after we try to put the PS4 into the DMZ (It didn 't work because the Router do not have this Option) we try to Open Ports for the PSN. That didn’t change a Thing!

We need to know which ports Evolve uses to communicate with the PSN.

We Need Help, please!!


Even Opening the right Ports did not help to solve the Problem(because of IPV6 the Port Trigger do not work). JOGI0310 is in Contact with his Internet Service Provider. It look like that an Update that the ISP installed on his Router is the Problem. We hope to solve the Problem


I am having the same problem but can join friends games.


So guys how can I fix this issue? Anything new come up?


Nothing new about this Problem. The ISP says ist a Sony related Problem but that is not true because of the fact that everthing works before they Update the Router Software!

The Only News i have is that another friend has exactly the same Problem. He has the same ISP and the same Router.

Another Point is that when we connect the PS4 about an Mobile Smartphone WLAN Hotspot and using the Mobile Internet Connecting fo the Smartphone everything in Evolve and in Diablo works. We are able to Play Multiplayer in both Games!


Is it possible to connect to wifi using an Iphone? help would be much appreciated.


We used a Mobile Wlan Hotspot form a Samsung Galaxy S5. If the Iphone Version you use is able to create a Wlan Hotspot it should work.


Thanks man


He Guys look at this post! maybe it helps