Not best PC but played before patch, after I almost can't



Welcome everyone who even want to check this post. I have some problems with game Evolve Stage 2. I know that I have shitty PC for games but i tried play Evolve 3 days ago and on minimal settings, in windowed mode on low resolution. I could play and i played even on normal level ( Rogue Val main ). So, my problem is after this patch i can’t even walk with normal FPS… I got low FPS few times in 10 seconds so it’s really hard to do anything. I tried play some customs on bots on even lower resolution with game booster “Razer Cortex”, it didn’t helped. I don’t want nothing more than help to get to previous even maybe a bit stable FPS state.

On this PC I got 16 lvl and 21 lvl on RV with more than 75% WR on her or smth like that. If you’re able to help me somehow, please do it.


Get in line, Sudden Frame Drops on PC


Try taking it off of windowed mode, that increases FPS.

That aside, many people have been experiencing frame drops recently so I’m sure they are working on it.


I will try in fullscreen. But if more peoples have problem with FPS etc. I think they will for sure make patch with something fixed at least they will try.


Okay It’s solved.

Fullscreen with low resolution and in nvidia settings set for performance, all settings (3D settings and in "Adjust image settings with preview ")

But anyway it’s strange it happens after patch. If you have same problem try to checkout this post: Horrible performance on a GTX 760 2G? [SOLVED]

It didn’t helped me but I started to check nvidia settings.


the GTX 760 is not really shitty, you should beable to play on high settings with that card


It’s GT not GTX :stuck_out_tongue: