Not being awarded "Masters of the Arena" achievement progress

I’m still at 0/25 for “Masters of the Arena”. Just won a game as monster, still at 0/25. I never played much Arena before Hunt 2.0, but I know I won at least 1 arena game back when it was launched. Now I’m playing the occasional Arena game in Skirmish to try and get the achievement.

Also, I’m at 0/25 for “We’re Not Assassins”. I previously thought this was because the only Rescue games I played was back near launch as part of Evacuation games. Now I think the same thing is happening as with “Masters of the Arena”.

I’ve only ever played Arena as PvP. Most of my Rescue games were PvP with MM; a few were custom games.

I hope this is fixed soon, I don’t think it has happened to me.

This might actually be a steam issue. I’ve noticed that in many other games that it won’t show your progress, although it’s still keeping track of it in the background.

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Yea it’s a steam issue, it will always show 0/25, then once you have your 25 you’ll get the achieve

Cool, I’ll just keep on trucking and one day will get a nice surprise.

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