Not being able to play as the monster in a party of 2


So it’s launch night me and a buddy who have the next day off are gonna stay up all night and jam on some evolve!! We get into party and find out that only 1 person is allowed to be the monster while we are stuck with 2 random hunters who run off in different directions and leave us to be wrecked by a wraith??? After about 5 or 6 matches of this my all nighter of evolve has turned into a giant disappointment of horrible teammates that love to die and me going to sleep earlier than planned. This is not good turtle rock… I understand about the whole farming thing, we don’t want people getting their masteries too fast… Kinda wierd that I’ve seen people with Caria and the wraith at Lvl 9 tho. Anyways guys we should be allowed to be the monster no matter what the party number is, or at least put some kinda setting where we can switch it on or off. I have high hopes for evolve still I love playing it. But so far it looks like if u don’t have 5 friends to play with its a
waste of time and money. Make it worth my money please.


Custom Game…


Can you play with random public in a custom game?


Sure - friend a bunch of people here on Steam, chat them up, and send out invites.

Having friends on Skype, on two different sides of a random Evolve Hunt mode, is not good.


me and a friend is playing this game and the fact that none of us can play monster outside of custom is fucking bullshit


Only little douche bags do that, . I don’t think it’s a bad thing being able play against your friends and randoms lots of games do that. And turtle rock assuming that everyone is going to skype ain’t all that fair. I don’t even have a skype account.


It’s about prevention. Inconvenience the majority slightly to prevent major abuse by the few.


It’s a prevention that takes away from the game by a huge margin. Killing our friends was the reason many of us got this game I believe.


Don’t kid yourself, that would be abused to hell and back. You might not but 80% will. I don’t want to be on a hunter team and find that the monster seems to always know when we are knocking. Especially if we had a coordinated cloak attack going on.

Also people have characters unlocked because of the beta and the companion app.

Oh and I forgot to mention, yeah everyone’s gonna run off and get killed. New game and all…


And many little douchebags play video games.

The majority appreciating the integrity of the game is more important than the annoyances involved in friends throwing games.

I had no problem in the beta playing between Monster / Hunters with friends - you just needed five participants. Not the end of the world. If you don’t have five IRL friends playing the game - become social with others, friend them, and within weeks you’ll have an entire set of folks to play with.


You can still kill your friends in custom games.


Oh yeah playing 2 friends and then rest of them bots sounds like a great deal of fun. No, it does not. “Get more friends” fuck off.


Guess I’ll just have to be social then!!!