Not allowed to play Bucket


Everytime i enter a game with Bucket, my teammates jumps out of the ship flawlessly, myself. I jump right through the ship way outside of the map, falling to my death, this just happened three times in one game until my teammates finished the monster off.

Right now i assume that the only way im going to be able to play is not to play Bucket, no?



Just entered the game as Hank, same thing happened again.

Edit: Second time i got out of the dropship i just managed to get on the map, was a close call to fall outside of it.


There’s quite a few threads for this topic already. Will probably get more feedback in one of them.


Wow - I’ve only ever had that happen ONCE in all my games, that was a couple of weeks ago in the Press Release build, but as Maggie. And just one time in one game.


Sorry that’s happening for you.



Oh, sorry for increasing the spam then, didn’t really read trough the forums before i posted.


Yep, it’s on PC!


It’s fine, it’s not very common that people do read through lol. Half the reason why no one can find anything right now :smile: But now you know, so no worries.

That little search bar is your friend, I promise.


I would have! It was just so frustrating, had to get it off my chest :smiley:

It will get fixed in due time so, ill just have to take it for what it is right now i suppose :smile:


It is frustrating and not something and want people to experience. But the devs are very active and that’s why I pointed you elsewhere. The old topics usually get checked by devs first because everyone is posting there and they can group common problems. Hard to find your lone issue among 500 new threads in a day.


Just to keep updating, started a game as Griffin, just tabbed out now after being thrown out a second time from the ship outside the map.

Currently playing Evacuation- Hunt.

Also, second game now, Griffin again, thrown off twice.

Currently playing Evacuation- Egg hunt.

Edit: Hunt