Not able to see hunter's life


Hello guys !

In many games as the monster, I am not able to see hunter’s life which brings two problems :
1st, I don’t know who is low health
2nd, I can’t see the hunters because with all the fire, … if I don’t see their life it is really hard to find them through the environment. I hope there is something to do to fix it ( maybe in parameters but I don’t think so ).

Sorry about my english, not my native language.

Thanks for reading,
see you !


Did you check and see if Slim is the Medic?


or if your mini map was opened


Or if your minimap was opened while Slim shot you with spore cloud?


You see guys! FREAKING Mammoth Birds, coming up with all the OP strategies and thoughts… So smart… We are all doomed…


Yeah it happens when there were Slim but not only. And my minimap was closed, I tried to open/close it again but it still happen, not every games but some games. Like here, I was against a Caira and it happened.