Not a serious match for hours, not a single - please MM needs a fix


So im trying to get a half way serious match in evolve whenever i play Public.
whenever i hit the play a match button as soon as i first start up the game at a day the following appears:

  1. im joining into a game wich already has started
  2. im geting whatever class i do not want to play
  3. im not geting the perk wich i usually play with for the specific class
  4. i join a game where some1 already left
  5. i join a game where some1 has trolled and took bucket for a skirmish
  6. the match is not a fair 4on1
  7. the lobby is not full and about to start (wich results into point 1 point 2 point 3 and point 6 all together for everybody that is joining into the game after it already has begun)
  8. monster is a goody and runs directly for the damage buff ruining the game fun within 2 minutes
  9. whenever i abort a match because of the points called above i get a 1 minute delay for the next one
  10. joining matches with trolls
  11. joining matches with not equal skilled hunters or monster wich is a result into a rofl stomp scenario for one side

the gamefun is gone with all these points, before it actually ever had the chance to become fun.

So when can we expect fixes in matchmaking at all?
i actually joined 10 minutes ago into a game where some “worlds first” goliath has took bucket just to troll the game and then like he said he wanted to quit the game anyways just for troll…

the next game i joined into i was close to the spawn, the assault hasnt moved a single step away from it and the support died 20 seconds later anyways

and this list just keeps endless, im not geting a single serious match those days.

when this happens to often im gonna wait the situation out for some minutes out, watch over those forums and try to get some motivation back for the game when @Macman is maybe calling some good changes for the game.
But as soon as i hop back into the game it happens again and again and again, makes me losing fun and motivation to play the game.


TL;DR please.


No, I want to know what you’re saying, I just don’t feel like reading a massive wall of text.


I agree with the request for a TL;DR.
It’s kind of an internet etiquette when you type massive walls of text.
jus’ sayin’


I’ll return when theres this ‘ranked mode’ they’re talking of and Reload Speed and Kraken are fixed. Can’t always team up and playing with randoms without a mic (im on console, no chatbar) is a big nope for me. Monster is also boring because you get thrown vs randoms that don’t communicate.


@Rapterror, @Jordan_Tomlin

He’s annoyed at the consistency where he’s getting petty match ups (trolling players, terrible late game mash ups, monsters getting buff staging 1 and winning, etc)

And when he is monster he isn’t having fun even when he wins because the randoms are easy pickings, to the point that he has to troll them (not take them serious) to have some entertainment (I agree with him on this)

That about sums it up.


I think it’s just a reality of a smaller player base…
You are gonna join games that are in progress…deal with it,finish it, and wait for the next match.
I rarely ever get the character I want, but if I’m really feeling medic and I get trapper I can politely ask the medic if I can have it, and 7 times out of 10 they will give it to me.
1/10 are trying to elite
1/10 don’t want to
1/10 don’t have a mic and don’t respond to typing.


What? You wouldn’t make a TL;DR and people weren’t reading your post!


Sorry sir, that you made your thread too long and inconsistent to read. Next time we’ll try harder. Gg m8.


That didn’t even make sense.


Aye, if you don’t want people to be able to understand what you’re saying, that’s absolutely fine by me.

Thank you, @mortalbound, for being a kind fellow and trying to help this guy out.


Believe me, it’s the last time.

There are certain people in this forum that I would be overjoyed to see quit, if this is the attitude they’re bringin’.


well in justa matter of respect some people dont have their main language in english - when ppl just type into Too long didnt read, what do u want me to think about them? im spending my time to type something in here and thats what i get TLDR… i didnt even knew the meaning…

if people want me to keep it short there are 11. points called right at the very top of the post to make ppl understand what the issue is - just to let ppl not read everything what ive typed and u come in with TLDR ya jesus im sorry for trying to explain the issue.


Well, there, it’s gone. Whatever.


ya this thread truely is gone , almost completly offtopic 19 following posts TLDR thanks


Then close it.


well im not gonna close it only because YOU are in here, def. not.

so there it goes i cut the entire thing off, its the exact 100% same as it was before … just read 11. points to get the issues - if thats too much for any1 to read, then i dont know how to make it better that it actually makes you read those 11 points before you TLDR it all over the place…

seriously i did on purpose call those points out in the very first so nobody has to read trough all my crap im typing, wich just simply is a try to explain WHY it annoys me.


I don’t understand the point about bucket…what’s wrong with bucket?
Depending on the map and player match-up, bucket can be a far superior support.

i.e. a good Caira, on the new mine map, hank & cabot’s orbital abilities are useless(if the monster is smart)
Cabot’s damage amp can still be good, but bucket’s sentries will rip a monster to shreds in those close quarters.

I don’t want this to come across the wrong way, but have you tried making friends? It makes the game so much better…
Even if you get stuck with a sh…crappy team, if you got one guy who was communicating and have a good time even under a crushing defeat, add him and party up…rinse and repeat and after 3 or 4 matches you have an awesome team and a bunch of new friends. Those friends lead to other friends and so on.

Evolve was the first game on steam that I began adding people, my friend’s list went from 6(all people from school/family) up to 30.

Add me if you want, as long as you use your mic.



I mostly play with suckers, too. But it’s good for my ego. :slight_smile:

Whenever I am support, I really enjoy playing with people that don’t have the skills, yet. That way
you can show what support really means, in a positive way.


well its hard for me to explain this… you might get what i mean.

back in days after its release and/or alpha/beta i played alot with friends in a hunter team, so there were no issues with such points called above but then we always had the scenario to win about 90% of our games.

Monsters joined the game and they quit instantly after theyve seen that we are in a party mostly and if they did not they did really fast during the match or after they got wrecked.

and back now most of those people that ive played with are either no longer playing public because of that or are no longer playing evolve at all because they dont find it exciting.

so thats why im playing public with randoms, trying to find a match wich is fun - but then the matchmaking… its so horrible im sorry to say that… but when u get placed into a match wich has already begun, its just not Ok - not at all.