(Not a G thread) Most beautiful song ever?

Mine would be these two:

Anyone has any good recommendations? I’m trying to stockpile good songs :smile:


Depends on what kind of music you’re into, pal. Any specific genres you like?

Hardore Metal Oprah please.

Insane Clown Posse. You seem like a Juggalo.

I cant say yes or no to that.

Look up Juggalo documentary on youtube. It’s long, but it basically shows you the epitome of white trash.

I know what juggalos are… and you are correct about the “white trash” part.

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That documentary scarred me. Back on topic.

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More like vocals.

“(Not a G thread)”

Quite interestingly, I’m quite enamored of some J-pop songs:

look up “rvb contact” it has a lot of depth and post it on here

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