Not a founder and I have to start over (Resolved)



On my ps4 profile still have a level 40 profile with 5 elite monsters but when I go to Evolve Stage 2 I’m level 1 not a founder and have no monsters. I’ve spent so much on this game since the day it came out because I love it and I don’t care that I’ll have to buy a mouse for my at home pc I’m just so irritated because I have to restart without any idea if any thing from my old evolve is gonna move through to the next,. It would make it bearable to be a founder because I bought to two copies of the game when it came out + all the monsters. I even made a 2k link to see if it was that but nothings changed.


Once stage 2 goes to consoles, you’ll be a founder there!


Thank you fingers crossed.


Nothing from PS4 will transfer to PC. However, when the patch hits PS4, you WILL be a founder there and keep everything you already had, AND receive the founder bonus of 30k Keys. You’ll just have to wait like the rest of us Console-Goers until then.

Since this isn’t a bug, and the issue has been resolved, I’m going to put “Resolved” in the title to let the moderation team know they can come lock this thread.


Thank you. Sucks cause I really wanted to play pc. Never had online matches cause of playstation plus.


Well, hopefully the PS4 player base will skyrocket when the patch hits there just as it did on PC. :slight_smile:


Y u no tag us!

@ElderKraken just PM me if you want me to reopen the thread.