[Not A Bug] Why can't monsters see the health bar of the power relay for most of the games?


Yes I know the health bar doesn’t show up until you are S3. Most games I play I have to guess how much life is left on the relay. Why?


at stage 3 i can always from any distance see the health of the relay so that may be a bug just you are experincing since ive never seen it


Like he said, I almost always noticed health.


If you pull up the mini map, it disappears. Probably not what you’re experiencing.


Ok, thats my problem I guess. I usually have the mini map up.


I have it up A LOT, and sometimes I forget I can’t see the health because of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never had that happen to me.


Changed the title.
Now that I’m summoning Bucket that seems pointless :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it funny, you changed the title to (not a bug) but you didn’t recategorize it lol


Recategorizing is not for Baymax.
Baymax doesn’t work like that.